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Forklift Pricing—What You Need to Know

The right forklift is the critical component for a growing business. But how do you know what the best type of forklift is for your company or if you’re paying too much? Although buying a forklift can be a big investment, it doesn’t have to break the budget. Below we have provided some tips to help you find the correct forklift machine(s) that helps to maximize productivity for your company.

Types of Forklifts

There are seven different classes of forklifts, which may seem overwhelming; but helps to reemphasize why you need to be so selective when selecting a forklift. The first class, electric motor rider trucks, operate on an electric motor and a battery. They are equipped with cushion tires and do not emit pollutants making it more suitable to be used indoors. The second class of forklifts, electric motor narrow aisle trucks, are very similar to the first class except they are specifically designed for narrow aisles. If you are looking for lift trucks for short distance jobs, class three electric motor hand trucks will get the job done. These machines are designed specifically for short distances and lifting and unloading just a few inches off the ground.

Class four and five forklifts are very similar; their tires are what distinguishes them and help to identify their function. Internal Engine Combustion trucks with cushion tires are designed for smooth, indoor areas. This truck with pneumatic tires is designed for outside areas with rougher surfaces; these trucks are better at carrying and unloading larger loads and operate at a higher capacity. Class six forklifts are known as electric and internal combustion engine tractors. Unlike the other types of forklifts, their primary function is to tow instead of the lift. Finally, the last class of forklifts is known as rough terrain forklifts. These machines are going to be the most durable and are typically used on construction sites.

Shopping Efficiently without Cutting Costs

It is best to know that you are going to spend between $15,000 to $30,000 on these machines due to different features and functions. For this reason, opting for a lower priced machine may not always be the best decision because a low selling price may run you a large bill in maintenance cost in the future. For example, an electric forklift is more expensive than an internal combustion forklift but requires much less maintenance, which means lower maintenance costs.

According to OSHA, “forklift overturns are the leading cause of fatalities involving forklifts” which is why it is better to not skip out on paying for features such as seatbelts, notification alarms, or monitoring systems to reinforce stability. It is best to measure a forklift’s long-term costs versus the upfront price.

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