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A New Lease on Quality – The Future has Arrived

The Linde Material Handling leasing program ensures competitive leasing options for the Linde Series 1202 Hydrostatic drive truck.  Compromising on quality is now a thing of the past.  You now have the opportunity to add high-end trucks to your fleet for the price of a lesser competitor. 

The Series 1202 offers the only true 100% hydrostatic drive system that powers the wheels with hydraulic fluid instead of a mechanical powertrain.  This technology brings a better and more effective truck including automatic acceleration and deceleration, preventing wear on the brakes and tires, and delivering smoother transitions with speed.  These advancements, along with optimized energy consumption, increased handling capacity, and virtually maintenance-free engine, create a cost-efficient and robust, productive truck.

For many warehouse operations, the thought of a truck that encompasses such advanced and precise qualities would have been unrealistic in the past and an option that most couldn’t afford. However, those are beliefs from the past and now the future has arrived with affordability that has never been seen before.

The Linde Series 1202 is now an affordable option for your supply chain solutions

With extreme versatility including superior functionality in the following applications:

  • Factory
  • Grocery
  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Logistics
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Recycling
  • Lumber

You now have the ability to be in the drivers seat with affordable options for your operation.

By leasing the Series 1202, there are little or no upfront costs with lower monthly rates which keeps more money in your pocket.  In addition, productivity is increased with less downtime due to the improved fuel consumption, decreased maintenance intervals, and the hydrostatic drive system.

Let’s take a look at how leasing versus buying is the better solution to get the trucks you want at the price you need.

  • No (or little) upfront costs
  • New equipment on a regular basis – high productivity and less downtime
  • Lower monthly rates – more working capital
  • Tied in with maintenance agreements – decreased downtime and heightened productivity
  • Flexibility – adaptable to your needs
  • Frees up working capital – enabling funds for other purchases
  • Lease payments are tax-deductible

Linde at Work: SNS Worldwide

SNS Worldwide is a second-generation, family-owned and operated warehousing and transportation company. The company offers global transportation, truck loads, LTL, express air and expedited team service, in addition to superior warehousing, drop shipping, logistical planning and complete fulfillment services.

Located in Linden, New Jersey, SNS is centrally located within minutes of all major ports, airports and New York bridges and tunnel crossings. To help keep their operation running smoothly and efficiently, they rely on Linde Series 391—internal combustion counterbalanced forklifts with pneumatic tires.

“I am a working owner of a family business and I have driven all types of fork trucks throughout my 34-year career,” said John Connelly, president of SNS Worldwide. “These are the best built forklifts on the market.”

Last summer, SNS experienced a surge in business that resulted in the need for an additional lift truck to keep up with the pace. Connelly contacted their sales representative from Liftec—an authorized Linde dealer in their area.

Liftec had a Linde forklift available with about 8,000 operating hours on it—a brand Connelly said he had never used before.

“After the first day of driving it for 9 hours straight, I realized I wasn’t really as tired as I should have been compared to if I were driving my other branded forklifts which have 50% less hours on them,” he said.

By the end of the first week, Connelly was so impressed with the quality, comfort and ease-of-use that the company decided to invest in two new Linde forklifts as permanent additions to their fleet.

“Now, my staff fights over them,” he said. “As a business owner, it’s very comforting to know that your employees are excited to be out on the floor operating a quality piece of equipment.”

From the owner side, he added that by investing in Linde forklifts it’s one less thing off his plate to be concerned with since he knows the equipment will perform every day.

“Like with most things, you get what you pay for,” said Connelly. “Superior dependability comes at cost, but that cost is evaporated when you have no downtime.”

Has your company benefited from using a Linde (or Baoli) forklift? We’d love to hear about it. Submit your photos of our trucks at work to marketing.na(at)kiongroup.com

Product Spotlight: Linde Series 396

Offered in five different models, the Linde Series 396 forklifts are internal combustion counterbalanced trucks operating on pneumatic tires. It’s most notable feature is the Linde hydrostatic drive system. Known as the ultimate drive system, the hydrostatic transmission is superior to any other in achieving maximum lift truck performance. The customer driven design makes it versatile and cost effective even in the harshest environments. Seamless acceleration with pinpoint accuracy when positioning are a few features that set this truck apart.

Features and Benefits

The Linde Series 396 has a capacity ranging from 13,000 to 17,500 pounds and is best suited for outdoor applications. It can best handle items like lumber, bricks or any other bulky material. But, with multiple attachments available its capabilities can range from paper rolls to construction materials and just about anything in between.

Along with the large load capacity, the Linde Series 396 is one of the safest trucks on the market. The overhead guard protects the operator from falling debris and the Linde Torsion Support System stabilizes and controls swinging loads and dynamic forces—protecting both the operator and the people who may be working around the lift truck. Some other safety features included an auto-set parking brake (when engine is off), dual back-up control system, and high visibility mast for reduced stress and increased operator awareness.

In addition to their innovative technologies, Linde forklifts are well known for their superior ergonomics—and the Series 396 is no exception. The adjustable steering column and adjustable armrest with hydraulic levers make an operator feel comfortable and at ease. A fully suspended seat absorbs shock and reduces operator fatigue. The compartment is extremely spacious giving the operator plenty of room to move around and maintain a high level of comfort from the start of a shift to the end.

Being a versatile and adaptable truck, the Linde Series 396 has many optional features. Some of these include comfort features like heating and air or an air-cushioned seat. Other features include safety or performance structures like internal and external mirrors, road light package, automatic engine shutoff and a full cab with washers and wipers.

Total Cost of Ownership

Safety and comfort aside, the bottom line is that the Linde Series 396 is one of the most economical on the market. This series has extended service intervals and reduces volume of waste oil and used oil filters. The low noise levels and low emissions make it easy to operate in a variety of environments. This lift truck offers some of the lowest maintenance and operating costs with up to 1000 hr. maintenance intervals and no mechanical wear components like service brakes or a torque converter transmission. Other efficiency features include low fuel consumption and low tire wear, which will help the owner financially in the long run.

Overall, the Linde Series 396 results in greater productivity efficiency, lower operator costs and lower labor costs. With this forklift you can handle more loads with less lifts and less people, which will ultimately have a positive effect on your company’s bottom line.

Not sure if the Linde Series 396 is right for you? Read more about finding the right forklift for your operation.