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The Linde Series 1191 Electric Tow Tractor: The best kept secret your Warehouse needs

Looking at warehouse operations and supply chains, one immediately gravitates to the obvious forklift truck when considering ways to transport products, and the versatility of Linde trucks offers continuous availability and uses in varying applications.  But what if your operation isn’t transporting goods on pallets?  What if your business moves products in different ways?  If that describes your distribution process or at least a portion of it, the Linde Series 1191 Electric Tow Tractor is the truck you need in your operation.  Offering reliable performance, flexibility and stability in an ergonomically packaged truck.

Reliable Performance

The Series 1191 is exceptionally energy efficient with the Linde digital controller (LAC) and a powerful 4.5kW sealed AC drive motor that promotes impressive pulling power. With remarkable pulling capacity of 13,000lbs., and a 270 lb. drawbar pull, the Series 1191 (P60) is always at the ready to tow a multitude of goods and is ideal for internal and external applications.  The heavy-duty steel chassis and impact resistant upper structures allow for maximum structural integrity, delivering a truly stable and rugged vehicle.


Tow tractors can transport and deliver multiple loads with the addition of a variety of trailers.  These trailers ensure the ability to transfer many loads to various locations across short and long distances, including in-house transports and supplying assembly lines.  Sorting orders is fast and efficient and last-minute loose items can be added to the trailer seamlessly.  In addition, loading products can be accomplished from either side of the trailer attachments, allowing quick loading stops. 

If the goal of your operation is to have limited stock on the floor, The Series 1191 Electric Tow Tractor can be supplied and ready to replenish depleted materials at a moment’s notice.  Transporting goods with the Series 1191 is a stress-free process and allows the need for fewer operators on the floor while moving the same amount of product.  Fewer operators equals less congestion on the warehouse floor and a lower risk for accidents.

Ergonomically Designed

The Series 1191 is not only constructed for dependable performance and flexibility but is also ergonomically designed and fabricated to ensure many comfortable hours of use.  Non-slip steps with wide access openings on either side ensures stable and convenient access to the truck, as well as a spacious workspace featuring an angled foot well with ample legroom.  The adjustable seat allows flexibility to customize comfort for the individual operator and the intuitive automotive style control levers with adjustable steering wheel, enforce an unparalleled working environment.   All around visibility and unobstructed views eliminate the need for constant twisting and turning to gain field of view.  Independent suspension on all wheels ensures a better ride, enhanced handling, and ensures smooth traveling on various surfaces.

Product Spotlight: The Re-designed Electric Center Ride Tow Tractor Series 1103

Maximizing drivability, performance, and efficiency is the cornerstone of Linde designed trucks.  With focus on the applicational use, as well as operator comfort and productivity, the newly re-designed Series 1103 encompasses and exceeds every feature needed to tow.  Offering ways to work better, smarter and more efficiently, even in the most demanding applications.


With the operator in mind, the re-designed Series 1103 is built with a comfort operator platform, offering a smooth ride and large operating compartment, reducing operator fatigue.  In addition, the compact footprint with responsive steering allows precise traveling and maneuvering in tight places.  The forward driving position with a unique Linde twin-grip steering control, showcases an ergonomic tiller head that governs travel direction, speed and automatic return to neutral.  This feature offers ease of use of controls by either hand and its power steering reduces steer effort by 70%, decreasing operator fatigue.  The operator platform also incorporates an operator-presence sensor, protecting the operator from any unintentional harm.

Performance & Reliability

The Series 1103 delivers responsive acceleration braking and travel speeds with a powerful 24-volt 5.4hp, AC drive motor, allowing for maximum productivity, excellent reliability, increased towing capacity and ideal for stop and go operations.  Recognized as being one of the toughest trucks in the market, the Series 1103 delivers high performance acceleration, with generous 10,000 or 15,000 lb. towing capacity.  Having the job application and operator in mind, the latest features and re-design results in an extremely durable and reliable truck. The high quality electrical parts, in conjunction with the heavy-duty, bottom-mounted Kordel drive unit, make the Series 1103 a dependable asset in your warehouse operations, delivering reliable performance.


The Series 1103 allows easy access to the trucks key components by removal of a one-piece durable lift off motor compartment cover.  The thermosetting resin cover offers superior impact strength, durability, and lifelong proper fit.  In addition, a digital display assists with charging and maintenance planning by means of a diagnostic computer port.


The AC motor controller provides effective and efficient use of battery voltage and has extremely wide torque and speed range, supporting tailored parameters to meet a wide variety of application requirements.  Zero speed ramp hold applications are also accomplished, as well as full regeneration capability and smooth low speed control.  Maximizing the Series 1103’s capabilities are a reality with the addition of new AC technology, enabling extended maintenance intervals for motors resulting in decreased down time.