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The Linde Series 1219 LPG Counterbalanced Truck

Exceptional performance – Undeniable excellence

Superior capacity retention, ample performance, and impressive ergonomics are the backbone of the Linde Series 1219. An exceptional truck, designed with extreme versatility, offering the ability to be used in many different applications. The Linde Series 1219 is the truck you want and the truck your supply chain needs.

Power and Performance

With lift capacities of 5,000-6,500 lbs, there is no limit to what the Series 1219 can do for your operation.  Available in four different models and four capacity ranges, this truck offers generous power and traction, highlighting high flotation tires, with outstanding maneuverability and establishes the ability to operate over a multitude of terrains.  In addition, the Series 1219 has excellent cornering stability, allowing the operator to maneuver easily across the yard in many outdoor applications. The advanced engine technology and durable driveline provides the operator the capacity for maximum productivity, including an exclusive Linde mast design with nested channels, reduced cylinder cross-section and protected internal hose reeving, creating a 20,000 hour chassis design. 


The one-piece solid steel cast steer axle is made up of the strongest axle construction preventing welds to fail which equates to less downtime.  The ergonomic layout of all hydraulic functions allows for a high level of precision, control, and working performance. Extended maintenance intervals are achieved by using high-quality parts with assemblies and low fuel consumption as well as low exhaust emissions, offering decreased downtime for the truck and operator.

Operator Ease

The Linde Series 1219 has an operator focused compartment offering a spacious interior and accessibility from both sides of the truck.  The ergonomically designed workplace produces a low-stress environment with a smoother ride, introducing less fatigue, low noise, and simple operation. In addition, there are several speed control settings allowing flexibility and controlled movement. The functional positioning of deck-mounted hydraulic controls along with clearview mast, increasing all-around visibility, creates a truly effective truck.

The Linde Series 1219 embodies every feature your warehouse operation demands to be effective, efficient, and with an emphasis on the operator.