Operation Save Teddy Bear: A Special Story of Collaboration and Compassion Across Continents

Earlier this year, Bettina Pollara, a devoted employee of KION ITS EMEA, found herself facing a unique challenge. Her daughter, Anna, had recently embarked on a journey to Miami, USA, clutching onto a cherished teddy bear gifted to her by her late grandmother—a sentimental keepsake that held immense emotional value. 

Tragically, amidst the excitement and distractions of her travels, Anna inadvertently left the beloved teddy bear behind at her Miami hotel. The realization of this loss weighed heavily on Anna’s heart upon her return to Germany. 

Determined to reunite her daughter with this irreplaceable memento, Bettina turned to the global network of KION Group for assistance. She reached out to Denis Rourke, a member of KION North America, with her heartfelt request. 

Denis recognized the significance of this mission and immediately swung into action. He established contact with our trusted partner in Miami, Dade Lift Parts & Equipment, and sought the assistance of Angel Gutierrez, a Sales Manager with the dealership.

Angel embraced the task with unwavering commitment and journeyed to the hotel where the teddy bear was inadvertently left behind. With great care and professionalism, Angel retrieved the precious teddy bear. 

The teddy bear then made its way to Summerville, South Carolina, where Denis Rourke received it. However, the story didn’t end there. 

Coincidentally, Christian Loew, KION North America’s VP of Engineering, was already scheduled for a business trip to Germany. Christian willingly took on the responsibility of personally delivering the teddy bear to the Pollara family. 

This reunion was a moment filled with gratitude, joy, and a profound appreciation for the seamless collaboration among KION Group employees across continents. The sentimentality attached to Anna’s grandmother’s cherished teddy bear was now securely restored, and the KION Group family had once again showcased the power of global teamwork, compassion, and unwavering commitment to our values. 

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This real-life account serves as a shining testament that underscores our global network’s ability to come together for a common cause, even if it involves reuniting a treasured item with its owner from thousands of miles away.