Linde Series 1219

Product Spotlight: Linde Series 1219

The Linde Series 1219 is one of the latest trucks released by KION North America. Introduced at ProMat last spring, this LPG-powered truck has a lift capacity ranging from 5,000 to 6,500 pounds and is offered in four different models. This forklift is best suited for outdoor environments including lumber, paper, agriculture, and general building materials applications.

Safety and Comfort

One way to ensure that you can prioritize workplace safety is by using a reliable and quality piece of equipment. The Linde Series 1219 features a low-mounted propane tank to give the operator an unobstructed rear view while a low dashboard and clear view mast help increase the driver’s all-around visibility.

In many cases, safety and performance features on equipment can often have negative implications on operator comfort. With the Linde Series 1219, that is not the case. The truck was designed to the highest ergonomic standards like all other Linde brand products. Operators benefit from features including a spacious cab and accessibility from both sides of the truck. It is also equipped with deck-mounted hydraulic controls, a suspension seat, and functional positioning of easy-actuation controls which together yield a low-stress working environment, allowing the operator to be 100 percent focused on his/her task at hand.

Performance and Reliability  

The Linde Series 1219 features advanced engine technology in the form of a fuel injected 2.5-liter high-torque engine. With its impressive performance, this truck is efficient in fuel consumption while also giving off low exhaust emissions. A rugged drive line enables the operator to maximize productivity while extended 500-hour maintenance intervals make this forklift one of the top in its class.

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Quality components including an inching pedal, foot-operated parking brake and a responsive accelerator pedal allow the operator to have complete control of the truck at all times. The ergonomic layout of all the hydraulic functions allows for a high level of precision fingertip control and working performance. KION North America has such confidence in the quality of this Linde machine that it is backed by the company’s standard 2-year or 4,000-hour warranty. An extended warranty is available for purchase.

For more information or to request a demo of the Linde Series 1219 forklift contact your authorized local dealer today.