Linde Series 1313

Product Spotlight: Linde Series 1313

The Linde Series 1313 was released nearly 5 years ago and is still one of the top performers in the class four market. This truck is an internal combustion counterbalanced truck equipped with cushion tires and is offered in four different models. This series has a lift capacity ranging from 5,000 to 6,500 pounds and specifically designed for the harsh conditions of the class IV market.

Safety and Design

The Linde Series 1313 is one of the safest trucks on the market, with its low-mounted propane tank and dashboard combined with a clear view mast which increases the all-around visibility for the operator. This, coupled with simple operations, allows the operator to stay alert throughout his or her entire shift. Additional safety attachments are also available for purchase to further enhance this truck including stop lights, tail lights, rear spotlights and an audible backup horn.

This truck is intended to handle demanding tasks and require the truck to be specifically designed to handle the force and tension that comes with them. All structural components such as the frame, axles and mast are designed to massive proportions. For example, the frame on this truck is made of ½-inch steel with 5/8-inch cross bracing—one of the most substantial designs in the industry.

Comfort and Performance

With all the safety features this truck is equipped with, you would be lead to believe comfort is minimal. In reality, the Linde Series 1313 is one of the most comfortable trucks in the class IV market. With a spacious cab accessible from either side of the truck, it is designed to suit any size operator. It also contains an adjustable armrest, suspension seat and functional positioning of easy-actuation controls. Additionally, the comfort features of the Linde Series 1313 allow the operator to start and finish their shift relaxed making your business a safer and more productive workplace.

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Linde did not disappoint when it comes to the performance of the Series 1313. This forklift series is equipped with the original Linde Load system which allows the operator to maximize productivity. The layout of all the hydraulic functions enables the operator to maintain a high level of precision fingertip control and working performance.

Additionally, this truck is equipped with Linde’s hydrostatic drive making it capable of handling the harsh effects of ramps, dust, heat, humidity and pushing. The hydrostatic drive is the unique power transfer from the engine to the wheels and is very precise making it one of the easiest trucks to control on the market.

If you are in the market for a top of the line LPG forklift you can always rely on, the Linde Series 1313 may be the truck for your business. For more information or to a request a demo contact your authorized local dealer today.