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The New Linde Series 1202 Hydrostat Truck: The Breakthrough of Intuitive Design

The Linde Series 1202 is unlike any truck on the market, offering unwavering capabilities you won’t find on any other truck.  Painstakingly constructed to deliver a superior ergonomic truck, encompassing every feature coveted by the world of material handling withfocuses on operating experience, design-to-service, efficiency, versatility and safety. A steadfast design with advanced precision, the Series 1202 is the perfect marriage between man and machine, setting a new industry standard in the world of forklift trucks.

Ergonomically Designed

The Series 1202 is truly operator centered with its straightforward use, focus on drivability as well as features that increase driver protection and decrease fatigue.  The panoramic armored glass roof, slim A-pillars, and low front plate provides outstanding visibility in all directions.  The ergonomic workstation includes a steering column with control levers that are easily in reach along the multi-function armrest. Increased headroom with 12 seat options offer the driver a customized driving experience. The axles, mast, and tilt cylinder are decoupled from the chassis which safeguards the operator from vibrations and shocks, protecting against postural injuries and fatigue.  In addition,reduced noise levels promote an exceptional driving experience.

Efficiency and Performance

The Series 1202 offers the only true 100% hydrostatic drive system that powers the wheels with hydraulic fluid instead of a mechanical powertrain.  This technology brings a better and more effective truck including automatic acceleration and deceleration, preventing wear on the brakes and tires and delivering smoother transitions with speed.  Dual pedal travel control increases efficiency and functionality in conjunction with the hydrostat drive.  In addition, the Series 1202 offers the lowest average automatic engine rpm that is demand controlled, including a hydrostatic drive system with axial piston technology. 


With all 1202 trucks, asset management monitoring is a standard feature. Hour meter reading, fault codes and geo location can be monitored from any computer or smart device that has access to internet and cloud service.


The Linde Series 1202 is a consistent dependable truck for any of your applications.  Highlighting a maximum residual capacity including, lowest center of gravity, best weight distribution, and overhead tilt cylinders.  These supportive features ensure the operator is working effectively as well as safely, reducing the risk of tipping and loading accidents.  In addition, the robust construction and maintenance-free components of the Series 1202 reinforces truck availability throughout the day, preventing prolonged downtimes.