The Faces of KION North America: Employee of the Quarter: Drake Head, Industrial Engineering Apprentice

Introducing Drake Head: A rising star at KION North America.

Fresh out of high school, Drake Head embarked on an extraordinary journey at KION North America. From apprentice to integral member, Drake’s dedication to Industrial Engineering has set him apart. As he prepares to graduate from The Citadel, Drake reflects on his accomplishments and what drives him forward.

Join us for an exclusive interview with Drake as he shares insights into his motivations, standout moments, and aspirations for the future at KION North America.

As a recent graduate of Ashley Ridge High School in Summerville in 2019, I eagerly joined the Trident Technical College youth apprenticeship program and landed a position at KION North America as a youth apprentice. Over the past three years, I’ve immersed myself in learning the ins and outs of the assembly line while working for Industrial Engineering. During this time, I’ve fully transitioned into Industrial Engineering and have been involved in numerous Project HomeTurf initiatives.

In May, I will graduate from The Citadel, and I’m excited to continue my journey as a member of the KION North America family for the foreseeable future!

I believe setting up the 1355, 5216, KBS Assembly Lines at Plant 1 and the new projects I am tackling at our new facilities next door for our localization efforts (HomeTurf), have been and still are a great learning experience. I am also extremely thankful for everything I have learned from all the associates I have worked with.

I believe going above and beyond makes an employee ‘stand-out.’ I have always been a see a problem and fix it type of person. I do not like leaving loose ends behind.

Pushing projects forward and seeing them through to a successful completion is what motivates me to start new projects and drive continuous improvement.

Respect – Earning the respect of my fellow associates has helped tremendously. The ability to help my co-workers with any problems allows them to help me out with any problems I may be having – promoting a great work environment.

Doing your best to improve the company and working with others as a team.

    Integrity – Doing the right thing when no one is looking.

    I am most excited for all the new processes that are ahead of us at Project HomeTurf. Specifically, for me is the new setup of the Warehouse 2 Assembly lines.

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