The Faces of KION North America: Employee of the Quarter: Joseph Moore, Team Lead, Weld

Welcome to our latest installment of the Faces of KNA: Special Edition. In this issue, we have the privilege of sitting down with Joseph Moore, the esteemed winner of the Employee of the Quarter award and Team Lead in Welding. Enjoy delving into Joseph’s realm of expertise and passion, uncovering the project that has ignited a fervent flame within him. Also, find out his secrets to success that have propelled him to the forefront of excellence, and lastly, find out his excitement and vision for the future at KION North America.

During my tenure at KION NA, I take particular pride in mastering the Cloos robot system and initiating my journey into the realm of robotics.

My driving force stems from a commitment to achieving tangible results and a relentless pursuit of project completion.

To excel as a teammate, I believe in proactively extending assistance when feasible and actively engaging in collaborative efforts.

Among the KION Group shared values, I find integrity and excellence to be particularly resonant with my personal ethos.

Looking ahead, I am eager to leverage the insights gleaned from our endeavors with the 1577 robot, alongside the expertise acquired and yet to be gained, to facilitate the seamless integration of our other systems into production. I am excited about witnessing the fruition of our advanced processes and the transformative impact they will have.

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