Voices Unite: Perspectives from our Teammates on Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

In today’s rapidly evolving world, diversity and inclusion have become integral elements of a thriving workplace. Companies that prioritize inclusivity create an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can contribute their unique perspectives, experiences, and talents. This not only fosters innovation and creativity but also promotes a sense of belonging among team members. In this blog, we will delve into the thoughts of a few of our team members regarding inclusivity in the workplace and explore the significance of cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture.

Diversity and inclusion are the beauty of this world. 

Working in an environment embracing diversity and inclusion completely changed my life. It taught me to become a better thinker, a better listener, and a better communicator. It made me learn to evaluate a scenario in different angles and look for all the possible solutions before making the final decisions. 

Diversity and inclusion also reveal the similarity among human beings that we are all instinctively motivated by the satisfaction in acceptance by others, recognition of individual significance and specialty, ability of protecting and providing for the family, and a purpose of working and living.

Jing Simpson, Financial Controller

Diversity and inclusion are important because that is what makes the world so special.

When I think of diversity, I think about differences and uniqueness. For an organization eager to grow and continuously improve, diversity is one of the imperative factors enabling innovation and generating synergy between colleagues. Would you rather have several minds and backgrounds that think alike or several minds with different backgrounds that would respectfully challenge, empower, and encourage one another?

One of the things that I love about diversity and inclusion is that we are all obviously different; however, simultaneously, we have copious things in common that we do not typically realize until we engage in meaningful, authentic conversations. If you give respect, diversity and inclusion will follow organically. Appreciate the differences, have self-awareness, and educate yourself by researching and engaging with your peers.

Cordell Lucas, Sr. Sales Engineer – Automated Solutions

​​​​​​​As an immigrant, inclusion was one of my major concerns when I moved to the USA with my wife eight years ago.

I started working for KION NA back in 2015 as a Material Handler, and I was surprised by the warm welcome I had, from my department coworkers and also by many other departments. I was being a bit nervous about having cultural differences with them but after a few weeks, I realized that I was at the right place, with the right people at the right time!

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Talking about diversity and inclusion from my particular perspective, there were not many Latin American workers when I started, probably three of them, I would say!

But one of the things I like the most about KION NA and our coworkers is that they will embrace you no matter where you are from, your ethnicity, religion, or cultural differences.

We have a team of professionals that are focused mainly on developing your skills and professionalism. That’s what I felt back then, and that’s what I feel right now on a daily basis. Shortly after I started as a Material Handler, a position was available in the Quality Department as a Quality Inspector, and later on, I was promoted to Quality Technician. Finally, two years ago, I ended up as a Service Software Support Specialist, where I am able to support our dealers, both in English and Spanish, from Canada, USA, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Today and thanks to the support of KION NA and the wonderful people that work here, I can proudly say that our lives were changed for the better. Working here gave us the first steps to positively change our lives and be a part of something bigger, and the best way that I have to repay all the support that I have received is to give the best of myself every day to help our company grow in the best possible way.

Francisco Caraballo, Service Software Support Specialist

For me, diversity and inclusion are key points in society and the workplace. 

It brings different opinions, perspectives, and ways to think according to different people’s backgrounds. It develops one’s empathy and allows a team to understand each other better and enables good collaboration.

It is now 11 years since I left France, and I am joining a new group of people in different countries every 2-4 years. The fact that the KION Group has a culture of inclusion helped me greatly to feel comfortable in every place I worked so far.

Yanis Harmance, Sr. Sales Engineer – Automated Solutions

Working for a company that values diversity and inclusion feels empowering and inspiring.

It allows for a more dynamic and creative work environment, where team members can learn from one another’s unique perspectives and experiences. This kind of workplace culture fosters a sense of belonging and can help to attract talent from a wider range of backgrounds, leading to a more productive and successful organization overall.

Jena-Christine Lawrence, Director, Product Management and Product Strategy