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Linde at Work: Southeast Wood Treating

Since 1979, Southeast Wood Treating has been the industry leader when it comes manufacturing and distribution of treated outdoor wood products. The began as a family-owned, local pressure treating company in the small town of Louisville, Alabama and today is one of the largest producers of pressure treated lumber in the United States.

Southeast Wood Treating began using several different models of Linde brand hydrostatic forklifts nearly 20 years ago. In our experience, equipment from other brands that we’ve had would have to be traded in between 9,000 and 15,000 operating hours,” said Richard Queen, human resources director.  “Our Linde units have logged upwards of 20,000-25,000 hours before needing to be replaced.”

In 2014, the company purchased 16 new Linde Series 396 forklifts from their authorized KION North America dealer Springer Equipment Company. “With greater productivity, we have had greater efficiency and lower operating costs as well as lower manpower costs,” said Queen. “The bottom line is that we handle more lumber with fewer lifts and fewer people by using Linde forklifts.”

The Linde Series 396 and the brand’s other hydrostatic drive forklifts offer some of the lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market thanks to extended maintenance intervals and lack of mechanical wear components like service brakes or a torque converter transmission. Other efficiency features include low fuel consumption and low tire wear, which financially have positive impacts on a company’s bottom line.

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Baoli at Work: World Missionary Press

Last year, World Missionary Press purchased a Baoli KBET18 forklift from Balint/Ryder Handling Equipment to use in their printing operation located in New Paris, Indiana.

Founded in 1961, World Missionary Press is an interdenominational literature ministry producing topical Scripture booklets in more than 340 languages, plus Bible study booklets, New Testaments and salvation coloring books in a variety of languages. In their more than 55 years of operation, the company has produced more than 2 billion Scripture booklets.

“We needed a small forklift with four-way hydraulics that we could put our roll clamp on for moving and turning rolls of paper,” said Jerry Whitener, plant and facilities manager. “With the Baoli forklift, we are now able to pick up two rolls of paper at a time versus one with our previous forklift.”

Each wide roll of paper measures 12 miles long, weighs 1,500 pounds and prints the equivalent of the inside pages of 85,000 Scripture booklets.

Whitener added that the company had been in the market for a small, used forklift, but there were very few in the 3,000-3,500 pound capacity range equipped with the four-way hydraulics. “Those in good condition that we did find were easily in the $15,000 range,” he said. “For just a little more money, we were able to purchase a brand new Baoli.”

Powered by a 48-volt battery, the Baoli KBET18 provides excellent power and increased productivity. The energy-efficient design allows for continuous operation during day-to-day jobs, while the compact design allows for ease of maneuverability in narrow aisles.

Forklifts are not only an integral part of the company’s printing process, but are also used as part of their packaging and shipping process. Ten-pound boxes of Scripture booklets are stacked on skids and wrapped for shipment. According to their website, an average of 1.5 tons of literature leaves the World Missionary Press facility each working day.

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Linde at Work: Ganahl Lumber Company

Ganahl Lumber Company is the oldest lumberyard and hardware supply store in the State of California. The family- and employee-owned business has been in operation since 1884 and has grown to 10 locations throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Ganahl Lumber relies primarily on Linde H-Series forklifts to handle its range of products which include building materials, millwork, doors and windows, in addition to tools and paint. Featuring Linde’s hydrostatic drive system, these forklifts put an end to the chronic problems experienced in heavy-duty, high-volume applications like the lumber industry.

The company first purchased Linde forklifts in  2011 from their local authorized dealer Select Equipment.

“Initially, most people involved were adverse to changing brands and remained skeptical,” said Jim Taft, special projects manager at Ganahl Lumber. “The quickest converts were the operators. The machine sold itself to them in just a matter of days.”

After the sale, Select Equipment has continued to provide service support. After the first year of use, the company’s mechanic praised sound design and reliability of the Linde forklifts. “Our yard foreman proclaims that the H80D-900 is the best lift we have ever had,” added Taft.

The hydrostatic drive system eliminates all brake system maintenance, eliminates transmission failures, eliminates truck overheating, reduces fuel expenses by as much as 50 percent and extends maintenance intervals while dramatically increasing productivity.

Taft’s role was to advise and coordinate the purchase of equipment. The hardest sell was to the company’s general managers who “came around in time after positive comments from the users in addition to knowing the cost to operate the unit was lower than in the past,” he said.

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Linde at Work: Ernest Maier

Ernest Maier in Bladensburg, Maryland relies on Linde Series 396 forklifts to manufacture concrete blocks and distribute masonry, hardscaping and concrete supplies to contractors, architects, designers and homeowners.

One of the most trusted masonry block manufacturers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Ernest Maier has been family-owned and operated since 1926.

In the video below, President and CEO Brendan Quinn discusses why forklifts are such a vital component of the company’s production process.  Each day, Ernest Maier produces approximately 40,000 concrete blocks over the course of a 20-hour shift—the equivalent of three 8-inch blocks every six seconds.

While similar companies have chosen to automate using rail systems, Ernest Maier prefers having people operate forklifts citing that they break down less than machines on rails. The trust that they put into using Linde equipment in their operation speaks to the quality, performance and reliability of these forklifts.

The Linde Series 396 features a premium hydrostatic drive system and a load capacity ranging from 13,000 to 17,500 pounds. Built to perform in harsh environments, the quality components used in the 396 result in longer maintenance intervals, lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

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Linde at Work: Contemporary Marketing Group

Contemporary Marketing Group located in Norcross, GA relies on around half a dozen Linde Series 346 forklifts to carry out daily operations in their facility. The company, whose customers include big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s, produces flooring and countertop samples and displays for the home center industry.

When asked what went into the decision-making process to purchase Linde forklifts, company president Dwayne Slifko said that the equipment sold itself when they were given the ability to try the machines out in their facility.

The customer service on the front-end from both their KION North America regional sales manager, Rick Cates, and their authorized dealer, Lift Atlanta, coupled with the after sales support, gave Contemporary Marketing confidence in their purchase.

Based on their usage and application, Contemporary Marketing went with the E20 model from the Linde Series 346–an electric counterbalanced forklift which offers a 4,000 lb. load capacity. Assembled in Summerville, SC, this series features the Linde Combi-axle which provides excellent stability and exceptional maneuverability in confined areas.

To maximize productivity and uptime, the Linde Series 346 includes features like automatic deceleration, dual independent control systems, a maintenance-free brake system and continuous on-board diagnostics. Paired with a completely sealed AC-drive system, these features yield extended component life and extended maintenance intervals.

As with all Linde forklift operators, the employees at Contemporary Marketing also benefit from numerous ergonomic features including a full suspension seat, ample foot room, and adjustable steering column and armrest.

Has your company benefited from using a Linde (or Baoli) forklift? We’d love to hear about it. Submit your photos of our trucks at work to: marketing.na(at)kiongroup.com

Linde at Work: Cambria

Recently, Bennett Material Handling delivered three Linde H50Ts and one H30CT to the Cambria headquarters in LeSueur, Minnesota. Cambria is the only family-owned, American-made producer of natural quartz surfaces which are used primarily in the kitchens and baths of homes and businesses.

Their surfaces are made of pure, natural quartz and feature unparalleled strength and durability resulting in a finished product that is nonporous, scratch- and stain-resistant and maintenance free.

Cambria trusts Linde products to efficiently move these products around their facilities and have purchased nearly 40 Linde forklifts to date. They operate 32 facilities throughout the country, including a state-of-the-art production center, fabrication and distribution centers and Cambria galleries. Each of their 16 distribution centers is equipped with a Linde H30CT and H50T.

The H50T model is part of Linde’s Series 394—a series of internal combustion powered counterbalanced forklifts equipped with pneumatic tires. The load capacities for this series range from 8,000-11,000 lbs.

The H30CT is part of Linde’s Series 1313. Like the Linde Series 394, these are internal combustion powered counterbalanced forklifts, but instead, they are equipped with cushion tires. The load capacity for this series ranges from 5,000-6,500 lbs.

Both models are equipped with Linde’s patented hydrostatic drive system—making them capable of handling the harsh effects of ramps, dust, heat, humidity and pushing. The hydrostatic drive is the unique power transfer from the engine to the wheels allowing these trucks to be very precise and among the easiest to control on the market. Known as the ultimate drive system, the hydrostatic transmission is superior to any other in achieving maximum lift truck performance

In keeping with the corporate identity, all forklifts purchased by Cambria are painted black at the factory in Summerville; The gold dragon logo is added to each truck upon delivery.

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Linde at Work: Liberty Casting

Liberty Casting is a modern foundry based in Delaware, Ohio that specializes in gray, ductile and high-alloy iron casting. They serve customers over a wide variety of industries including agriculture, machine tooling, construction, food processing, power generation and more.

Throughout their three locations, they have roughly 35 Linde forklifts in operation including models from Linde Series 391, Series 393 and Series 394 whose load capacities range from 3,000 to 11,000 pounds.

“We purchased Linde hydrostatic drive forklifts because we wanted a cost-effective, reliable and rugged forklift,” said George Hardiman, maintenance manager at Liberty Casting. “We have not been disappointed.”

Known as the ultimate drive system, the hydrostatic transmission is superior to any other in achieving maximum lift truck performance. Due to the high heat and fine particles associated with foundries, they are considered harsh and demanding environments.

“We run these forklifts up to and sometimes past the design limits and they just keep on running,” added Hardiman. “Linde’s performance far exceeds all other forklifts that I have worked with over the years.”

Overall, these Linde truck series result in greater production efficiency, lower operator costs and lower labor costs. With them, you can handle more loads with fewer lifts and fewer people, which ultimately has a positive effect on your company’s bottom line.

“These trucks are priceless to us,” said Hardiman. “They are the heart and blood of the production floor.”

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Linde at Work: Georgia Power Company

Last February, Georgia Power Company displayed a Linde Series 388 at their customer resource center—a facility designed as an educational resource to help convert customers from fossil fuels to electric.

The Linde Series 388 is available in seven different models with load capacities ranging from 7,500 to 11,000 pounds, all of which are powered by an 80V battery. Due to systematic engineering, these forklifts can operate in both indoor and outdoor applications. For challenging outdoor conditions, like the often brutal Georgia heat, the Linde 388 is available with an optional enclosed cab with all the amenities that you would find in an automobile.

“The lift looked great, and we had good comments on it, including one from our sales vice president who was in attendance,” said Jim Miliam, technical sales manager of Georgia Power Company. “I believe it really shows the strong partnership we’re building to promote electric lifts together.”

The unit, on loan from Lift Atlanta, is a prime example of how critical the support of a strong dealer network and existing customers are to the success of our business.

Georgia Power is the largest operating company within Southern Company. They have been providing electricity to Georgia for more than a century and serve 2.4 million customers throughout the state each year.

The company maintains a business resource section on their website which includes a page promoting the advantages, performance features and environmental benefits of using electric forklifts opposed to internal combustion engine vehicles. Some of these benefits include overall lower life-cycle costs (average savings of $2,000-$6,000 per vehicle each year), 40% lower maintenance costs, and 70-80% lower fuel costs.

Businesses considering electric forklifts can use the Electric Power Research Institute’s calculator to compare forklift costs and see how electric forklifts can help improve their bottom line. For further assistance about using electric forklifts, Georgia Power Company employs a dedicated product manager to assist businesses.

Depending on your needs, KION North America offers eight other electric counterbalanced sit-down forklift series in their Linde product line in load capacities ranging from 3,500 to 17,500 pounds.

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Linde at Work: Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority manages the municipal solid waste and recyclable materials from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania homes and businesses. A critical piece of equipment to this process is the Linde Series 393-02 Model H35T. Delivered to LCSWMA last August, the forklift is used in their 75-yard long, 120-foot deep garbage pit.

Private haulers deliver the waste to LCSWMA who then employs a multi-step approach to trash disposal and processing called an integrated system. This system not only saves substantial landfill capacity, it also creates clean, renewable energy in the form of electricity.

The Linde Series 393-02 is offered in six different models with capacities ranging from 5,500- to 7,000-pounds. Powered by either diesel or LP gas, this forklift is equipped with Linde’s patented hydrostatic drive system—known as the ultimate drive system—allowing it to withstand even the harshest environments.

Pressurized hydraulics and full belly pan help to prevent system contamination and extend the life of the truck. Additionally, fewer consumable parts including no differential, no service brakes and no mechanical transmission, lead to low maintenance costs and extended service intervals—resulting in a vastly improved bottom-line performance.

These are some of the features and benefits not only make the Linde Series 393-02 an ideal forklift for waste and recycling operations like Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, but also a wide variety of other applications include brickyards, foundries, aluminum smelters, beverage plants, lumber yards and more.

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