Linde Series 394

Linde at Work: Cambria

Recently, Bennett Material Handling delivered three Linde H50Ts and one H30CT to the Cambria headquarters in LeSueur, Minnesota. Cambria is the only family-owned, American-made producer of natural quartz surfaces which are used primarily in the kitchens and baths of homes and businesses.

Their surfaces are made of pure, natural quartz and feature unparalleled strength and durability resulting in a finished product that is nonporous, scratch- and stain-resistant and maintenance free.

Cambria trusts Linde products to efficiently move these products around their facilities and have purchased nearly 40 Linde forklifts to date. They operate 32 facilities throughout the country, including a state-of-the-art production center, fabrication and distribution centers and Cambria galleries. Each of their 16 distribution centers is equipped with a Linde H30CT and H50T.

The H50T model is part of Linde’s Series 394—a series of internal combustion powered counterbalanced forklifts equipped with pneumatic tires. The load capacities for this series range from 8,000-11,000 lbs.

The H30CT is part of Linde’s Series 1313. Like the Linde Series 394, these are internal combustion powered counterbalanced forklifts, but instead, they are equipped with cushion tires. The load capacity for this series ranges from 5,000-6,500 lbs.

Both models are equipped with Linde’s patented hydrostatic drive system—making them capable of handling the harsh effects of ramps, dust, heat, humidity and pushing. The hydrostatic drive is the unique power transfer from the engine to the wheels allowing these trucks to be very precise and among the easiest to control on the market. Known as the ultimate drive system, the hydrostatic transmission is superior to any other in achieving maximum lift truck performance

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In keeping with the corporate identity, all forklifts purchased by Cambria are painted black at the factory in Summerville; The gold dragon logo is added to each truck upon delivery.

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