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Introducing the New Linde Material Handling MT18 Electric Pallet Truck: A better, smarter, and more efficient way to work

Warehouses and distribution centers alike are constantly on tight deadlines for receiving and shipping goods. The supply chain never rests, and according to an article in supplychain247, Mondays are the busiest day of the week for fulfillment centers operating five days a week. With weekend shoppers filling their carts and placing their orders for the week to come, this constant consumer demand makes it virtually impossible to slow down. That is why every aspect and function of a logistical network must always seek the latest advancements in technology and equipment to expand their advantage on productivity and efficiency. Those requirements make the new Linde MH MT18 an absolute necessity for any operation, focusing on confidence, ergonomics, handling, and service. Find out how your operation can work better, smarter, and more efficiently with the all-new Linde MH MT18.

Improved Efficiency

Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, your productivity and efficiency are accelerated. With lead-acid batteries, operations have constant concerns with keeping up on consistent watering and charging schedules. How often have you had your delivery truck down due to lead-acid battery issues? There’s no watering, spills, fumes, acid, equalizing, or cleaning with the Lithium-ion battery. And a full charge only requires 2.5 hours, providing you with up to 3 hours of operation. The lightweight batteries are easily replaced with a separate charger enabling quick and convenient charging for optimum run time. Like today’s electronics, batteries can be charged whenever convenient to your operation instead of managing your operation around charging your batteries. A busy warehouse or distribution center thrives on movement, and with the Linde MH MT18, products get to where they need to go on time.

Confident Operator

The movement of products keeps the world moving. Arming an operation with the latest technological advances gives companies a cutting edge on increasing productivity while also keeping the operator confident. Hand trucks and manual power jacks, although in the past useful, have taken a toll on the manufacturing worker. Lost time incidents for injuries that occurred while operating the device have taken operators off the factory floor and cost companies dearly in operations downtime. The Linde MH MT18 Electric Power Truck is the complete hand pallet substitute, designed with the operator in mind, preventing unnecessary injuries. The low chassis helps keep the driver’s feet from getting under the truck and helps avoid potential tripping hazards. And your operator can feel confident during loading and unloading as the truck sits securely in place during stops, keeping the operator steady and secure, even while transporting loads up to 4,000 lbs.

Ergonomic Design and Handling

At 394 lbs., the lightweight design of the Linde MH MT18 minimizes operator physical input and fatigue, creating a highly productive and stress-free environment. With the easy-to-reach control buttons allowing fingertip operation, and wrap-around handle, preventing operators from moving their hands and arms unnaturally – there’s no wonder there are 20,000+ Linde MH-designed control handles in the field! Operators can depend on secure operation with the ergonomic long, low mounted tiller head with vertical tiller arm improves maneuverability in confined spaces and ensures precise and comfortable handling. The Linde MH MT18 provides easy operation in tight areas because of its small footprint, making pinwheeling become much easier in a truck for local deliveries and maneuvering in a full tractor-trailer. The compact frame also enables use in mezzanines.

Unmatched Serviceability

Periodic maintenance is a must for any truck to ensure optimal functionality and maintain continuous operation. But servicing a truck doesn’t have to mean lost time in production. The Linde MH MT18’s multifunction display gives the operator up-to-the-minute information on truck status, allowing the operator ample time to plan any upcoming maintenance. And with the Linde MH MT18’s DC maintenance-free motor, regular torque and maintenance intervals are already extended to keep the truck on an operation’s floor.

The Faces of KION North America: Our Leaders on Leadership – Alex Frohm, Manager of Sales Development

As part of a special series on The Faces of KION North America, we sat down with members of our leadership team to talk about their thoughts on leadership. During this installment, we feature Alex Frohm, Manager of Sales Development.

What is your position, and in summary, what do you do?

I am the Manager of Sales Development, and my primary role and responsibility are focusing on business intelligence, business processes, and sales tools. The mission of the Sales Development team is to enable KION North America to create and structure more efficient systems to sell more effectively while also improving the ease of doing business with our company. There are many facets involved in accomplishing these goals. Some of those crucial steps include upgrading our current tools and employing new methods. By ultimately enhancing our data analysis and utilizing upgraded and revamped processes, it is our goal to develop the sales team to become the strongest in the material handling industry.

What made you get into this industry?

After graduating with an MSc in mechanical engineering and working for two years in a research institute, I looked for a company with a Research and Development (R&D) center, although not as big as the ones in the automotive industry. I wanted to be involved in the development of the whole truck rather than just a tiny component. Linde AB offered that opportunity since they are used to developing the design to build concepts and had a small development group where it was easy to be involved in many different tasks.

What are the most important attributes of successful leaders today?

An important attribute for successful leaders is leaving the classical command and control approach to leadership behind and making decisions as a team. In such a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, the experience and knowledge of many people are vital to make the right decisions.

What advice would you give someone seeking a leadership position in the material handling industry?

Leadership is not about the things you know about your industry; it’s about the things you know about the people you lead. That is an entirely different skill set that is essential to learn to be a successful leader.