Powering Productivity:  The Linde T20 Series 1151 Electric Pallet Truck

In the fast-paced logistics and material handling world, having equipment that embodies efficiency, performance, and confidence is essential. Enter the Linde T20 Series 1151 Pallet Truck, a powerhouse among Class 3 offerings engineered to tackle the most demanding challenges.

At the heart of its proficiency lies its remarkable performance. Equipped with a smooth-running AC motor boasting 1.2kW, the T20 Series 1151 delivers robust power that efficiently gets the job done. Its unique booster effect provides a torque increase precisely when needed, ensuring seamless operation even in the most demanding environments.

Efficiency is another hallmark of the T20 Series 1151. Its proportional speed control automatically adjusts the truck’s speed, optimizing efficiency while adapting to the task at hand. Maneuverability is critical in tight spaces, and with a dedicated creep speed button, navigating becomes effortless. Moreover, the end-of-stroke resistance on the tiller arm minimizes abrupt braking, enhancing operational confidence and safety.

Confidence is paramount when operating machinery, and the T20 Series 1151 is built to last. It features cast steel fork tips and large caster wheels equipped with shock absorbers for stability on ramps and uneven surfaces. Both passive and active safety measures prioritize security without compromising performance, including rounded edges, covered battery compartments, and internally routed power cables.

Maximizing maneuverability is where the T20 Series truly shines. Its compact design allows for exceptional agility even in the tightest of spaces. Reinforced forks and a robust chassis enable the truck to handle loads of up to 4400 lbs., offering versatility across various applications. Optional proportional speed control further enhances protection by adjusting travel speed relative to the tiller angle, ensuring precise control in confined areas.

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Reliability and low maintenance are crucial factors in any industrial setting, and the T20 Series delivers on both fronts. Its rugged construction and low-wear, maintenance-free components ensure long service life and minimal downtime. Accessing service components is a breeze with the front service panel, facilitating fast and uncomplicated maintenance. A CAN bus system and optional data transmission unit seamlessly integrate remote fault diagnosis and software updates, further enhancing reliability and reducing service costs.

But it’s not just about performance—it’s also about comfort and user-friendliness. Ergonomically designed controls mounted on the tiller head allow for comfortable and precise handling. Low-noise operation and a multifunction display provide an intuitive experience, enhancing productivity while minimizing distractions.

The Linde T20 Series 1151 Pallet Truck seamlessly combines performance, efficiency, and confidence to meet the demands of modern material handling operations to elevate businesses to new heights. Experience the difference with Linde Material Handling today.