The Linde Series 1204 – Unmatched Versatility in the Harshest Environments

Linde Material Handling has done it again in creating a robust truck that outperforms its predecessors.  And as with any design, Linde Material Handling continuously pushes the boundaries on what is possible in a forklift truck.  This time, the Series 1204 Internal Combustion Engine Counterbalance Truck has broken the mold by combining exquisite performance, rugged construction, and dynamic handling, creating a versatile, efficient, and ergonomic truck.

Superior Performance

Available in 7,500 – 11,000 lb. capacity, the Linde Series 1204’s robust design with a hydrostatic drive and the rugged industrial engine delivers capabilities ideally suited for the harshest of environments.  These diverse occupational settings include severe conditions at recycling companies and construction material yards where continuous operation is paramount.  The Linde Series 1202 also thrives in extreme temperatures and dirty environments where debris and dust are prevalent.  

This powerful capability is possible with the Linde Series 1204 hydrostatic drive system synchronizing with a high torque engine at low RPMs.  In addition, dual pedal control and Linde Load Control enhance smooth precision when transporting goods on uneven surfaces and ensure smooth operation and efficiency. 

Lowest Maintenance Cost

Linde Material Handling has you covered with exceptional components that keep the Linde Series 1204 operational so you can keep your business moving.  Movement is vital in a busy operation, and reliable equipment that can perform for long periods is essential.  The Linde Series 1204 boasts maintenance-free components and long service intervals that ensure productivity and lower company overhead.  

While this truck can easily navigate challenging environments, it is critical to have systems in place to ensure major systems are protected.  The Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS) offers operational security by monitoring the engine to ensure peak performance while alerting the driver to necessary maintenance to protect against damage and prevent unplanned downtime.  In addition, during planned maintenance, the transverse installation of the engine allows easy access to components for seamless maintenance with extra-large service openings. 

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Furthermore, the hydrostatic drive system ensures traction control and prevents the tires from spinning, which means less wear on the tires resulting in increased uptime.

Energy Efficient

The Linde Material Handling hydrostatic drive ensures an exact transmission of power, eliminating wasteful energy use.  And speaking of efficiency, the Series 1204 can reach full engine rpm without using the acceleration pedal.  This capability enables operators to travel at restricted speeds with higher engine rpm to ensure productivity.  In addition, the hydrostatic drive system with axial piston technology exudes energy efficiency and high performance in busy operations.

Exceptional Ergonomic Design

We know that high-performing, energy-efficient equipment, is only half the recipe for running an efficient operation.  Your operators must also feel comfortable in their environment.  After all, they’re spending upwards of 8-12 hours in the truck per day!  Those facts make it critical that the trucks they’re operating are exceptionally ergonomic and will keep your operators confident, comfortable, and alert throughout the day.  That is why the following are standard on the Linde Series 1204 Internal Combustion Engine Counterbalance Truck:

  • Low noise level, keeping your operators focused and less distracted
  • The spacious cab and ample legroom enable easy adjustments throughout the day
  • A standard armrest with fingertip controls supports operators in a more natural position
  • A standard fully adjustable suspension seat allows a customized seat for each operator
  • Best all-around visibility preventing strained movements and obstructed views
  • Armored glass “high view” overhead guard provides a protected clear line of sight