The Faces of KION North America: Our Leaders on Leadership – Joanne Little, Outbound Supervisor

As part of a special series on The Faces of KION North America, we sat down with members of our leadership team to talk about their thoughts on leadership. During this installment, we feature Joanne Little, Outbound Supervisor.

What is your position, and in summary, what do you do?

My position is Outbound Supervisor at our Aftermarket Distribution & Training Center.  I process all the part orders throughout the day and disperse them amongst my team members.   I coordinate inbound and outbound deliveries, maintain inventory cycle counts, handle truck freight shipping and regular parcel shipments throughout the day and maintain productive flow of the warehouse.

What made you get into this industry?

Very interesting question.  I was a stay at home mom for 16 years and I had my own online store.  I loved shipping products and receiving great customer feedback from my buyers.  Unfortunately,  with the rise of large e-commerce companies, business sales went down tremendously.  However,  I knew I wanted to do something in the shipping industry.  I started here almost five years ago and instantly fell in love with my job and enjoy the people I work with.

What are the most important attributes of successful leaders today?

I think some of the most important attributes is envisioning the future and pushing forward in that direction.  Lead by example. That includes showing up to work on time and ready to work – being regular in attendance. Fulfilling the tasks of the company in a positive manner and letting your employees know that they are appreciated.

What advice would you give someone seeking a leadership position in the material handling industry?

The advice I would give someone seeking a leadership position in the material handling industry is that you need to be a multi-tasker, pay attention to detail, and understand the importance of quality for dealers and customers.  Be a leader, not a boss.   Always have a positive work attitude!

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