The Reimagined Linde Series 391-02: Revolutionizing Efficiency

Linde Material Handling knows that every warehouse and distribution center is different, from the layout of the building to the movement within the walls.  That’s why we are continually designing and enhancing trucks that exceed expectations so your operation can focus on meeting customer demand and deadlines.  By building on that heritage of quality and excellence, Linde Material Handling offers the reimagined Linde Series 391 Internal Combustion Engine Counterbalance Truck with the newly designed Deutz LPG engine.  Welcome to versatility on a whole new level with the exceptional driving experience you’ve come to expect from this updated truck.

Versatility and Agility on an Elevated Level

Your operation may need specific equipment to store goods and move products out the door.  You may even need a robust piece of equipment that can handle sizable jobs within a smaller footprint.  In the past, the solution for many businesses would include ordering multiple pieces of equipment.  That’s where the Linde Series 391-02 offers the optimal solution – packing a punch in capabilities within a compact design for your rigorous industrial demands, including navigating narrow aisles, retrieving and storing products on shelves, and maneuvering tight corners while transporting goods. 

Versatility is also critical when your operation requires the transportation of goods and materials in and outside your warehouse.  The Linde Series 391-02 thrives in any environment and situation, including the most demanding applications, dusty environments, and multi-shift operations due to being designed with resilient components to withstand environmental impacts.  In addition, the Linde Hydrostatic direct drive, Twin Pedal control, and Linde Load Control ensure a powerful, fast, and precise power delivery.

The Linde Series 391-02 rises to the occasion for your most complicated challenges and is available in a wide variety of models, with a comprehensive range of standard equipment, additional options, and customer-specific solutions for maximum versatility. 

Dependable Confidence

The Linde Series 391-02 is a master of confined spaces but also provides an extra layer of protection while navigating demanding tasks with the Linde Driver Assist.  This technology automatically reduces travel speed proportionally when cornering, safeguarding the operator and those around him.  This extra layer of defense keeps the operator collected and confident while concentrating on tedious maneuvers.  The standard Linde Driver Assist also works harmoniously with the Linde Curve Assist, decreasing the speed around covers and reducing the risk of the forklift truck tipping over. 

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Concentration and awareness are critical when moving products from one location to another, and having enhanced visibility while maneuvering a truck is imperative.  The Linde Series 391-02 is designed with a remarkably slim lift mast profile, creating optimal visibility.    

Comfort at Your Fingertips

The crucial elements that enhance the driving experience rely on exceptional ergonomics.  Although the Linde Series 391-02 has a rugged design, the cab offers a workspace that keeps operators alert and comfortable. 

The Linde Series 391-02 begins with a low entry anti-slip step for easy access and exit, continuing with a spacious cabin with plenty of legroom, comfortable seats, adjustable controls for customized seating, and adjustable armrests for relaxed posture and excellent arm positioning.  For instance, the operator can efficiently operate and control all mast and lifting movements from the adjustable armrest while avoiding strained maneuvering.  Low fatigue working also includes shock, vibration, and noise insulation since the mast and drive axle are isolated from the chassis via neoprene bearings.  

Reliability You Can Count On

Having a successful business means having the right equipment you can count on to support your operational goals.  Reliability includes knowing the availability of your equipment and planned downtime.  The Linde Series 391-02 continues the Linde IC heritage of 1,000 operating hours and maintenance-free mounting of axles and tilt cylinders for minimal downtime and operating costs.  Rapid diagnostics are immediately available via laptop for on-demand truck diagnostics, and the exterior design includes easy access to maintenance components for fast servicing so your truck can quickly return to work. 

The Linde hydrostatic transmission also reduces service costs, ensuring excellent availability and increasing handling performance.  No differential, no torque converter, no mechanical transmission gears, and the wear-free hydrostatic service brake system always brings the truck to a controlled stop.  And the best part is no brake service ever.