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Increasing your Productivity

Getting the Right Product to the Right Place at the Right Time


Communication is key in supply chains.  Although any mode of communication is helpful, face-to-face proves to be most effective to decrease the likelihood of confusion and miscommunication.  It also allows for opportunities for team members to identify processes that are not working or are not being implemented correctly, enabling the possibility for new ideas and procedures.  Considering social distancing practices, communication can still be effectively accomplished.  Businesses are now using technology in different ways i.e. through Teams and other platforms to emulate person-to-person contact versus emails and memos.  Finding ways to keep communication ongoing across team members also allows the opportunity to address upcoming events, ahead of time, to discuss and prevent potential issues.

Strengthening Partnerships

The adages, “there is strength in numbers” and “it takes a village” is true.  To be effective in business and life, lines of communication are vital and connect us to make a bigger impact.  By keeping lines of communication fluid and building those relationships with our supply chain lines, effectiveness, and efficiency flourish.  Connecting each link in the supply chain allows a better understanding of processes and empowers everyone to increase and improve productivity. 

Review Growth and Update Processes

Improving and increasing productivity takes constant monitoring and reviewing in pursuit of developing the best production processes.  The Percent Order Index is often used to measure supply chain performance.  This tool looks at the timing of delivery of goods as well as reviewing the item arriving undamaged and with its appropriate paperwork.  To continue to grow and streamline procedures, companies must constantly be in the pursuit of improving workplace practices.   By reviewing these processes, businesses can specifically locate opportunities to be more successful and productive.