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Linde at Work: Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority manages the municipal solid waste and recyclable materials from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania homes and businesses. A critical piece of equipment to this process is the Linde Series 393-02 Model H35T. Delivered to LCSWMA last August, the forklift is used in their 75-yard long, 120-foot deep garbage pit.

Private haulers deliver the waste to LCSWMA who then employs a multi-step approach to trash disposal and processing called an integrated system. This system not only saves substantial landfill capacity, it also creates clean, renewable energy in the form of electricity.

The Linde Series 393-02 is offered in six different models with capacities ranging from 5,500- to 7,000-pounds. Powered by either diesel or LP gas, this forklift is equipped with Linde’s patented hydrostatic drive system—known as the ultimate drive system—allowing it to withstand even the harshest environments.

Pressurized hydraulics and full belly pan help to prevent system contamination and extend the life of the truck. Additionally, fewer consumable parts including no differential, no service brakes and no mechanical transmission, lead to low maintenance costs and extended service intervals—resulting in a vastly improved bottom-line performance.

These are some of the features and benefits not only make the Linde Series 393-02 an ideal forklift for waste and recycling operations like Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, but also a wide variety of other applications include brickyards, foundries, aluminum smelters, beverage plants, lumber yards and more.

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Linde at Work: MTU America

During a recent demo at MTU America’s Aiken Plant, the Linde Series 1411 lifted one of the company’s 29,000 lb. diesel engines.

MTU America Inc. is the regional headquarters of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. Their core products—MTU diesel engines and MTU Onsite Energy distributed energy systems — can be found in a broad range of applications—from mine haul trucks, military vehicles and marine vessels to hospitals, data centers and universities. The Aiken Plant manufactures the company’s Series 2000 and 4000 off-highway diesel engines.

Also powered by an MTU engine, the Linde Series 1411 is one of two heavy trucks in KION North America’s product line. Available in 12 models at three variations of load centers, the 1411 boasts a capacity ranging from 22,000 to 40,000 lbs.

A highlight of the HT100Ds-HT180Ds range is the “Power on Demand” capability which balances engine output with the truck load and application, ensuring fuel savings and reduced service costs. It features a short wheelbase chassis yielding the best maneuverability in the industry. This is coupled together with Linde Load Control for added performance, productivity and maintenance savings.

The downside of heavy trucks is that rear visibility is often limited. But, given the sheer weight and size of the engines they produce, MTU was looking for a forklift they could trust. The Linde Series 1411 features a Linde “Clear View” deck and armored glass roof section that provide a 360-degree view for superb all-around visibility.

The MTU demo is just one example proving that Linde heavy trucks are superior when it comes to heavy-duty applications.

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Linde at Work: Doffo Winery

Doffo Winery uses a Linde 393-02 Series H25D forklift to transport grapes during the wine making process at their vineyards in Temecula, California.

The Linde H25D is an internal combustion counterbalanced forklift with pneumatic tires capable of lifting loads up to 5,500 pounds. It features Linde’s hydrostatic drive system. With no differential, no conventional service breaks, no mechanical transmission and no clutch packs, this system yields increased durability, efficiency and uptime. This innovative technology is what allows Linde forklifts to load and unload more material in less time, using less fuel and with reduced maintenance requirements compared to other trucks on the market.

With the help of their Linde forklift, Doffo Winery is able to offer a selection of over 25 different wines ranging from cabernet sauvignon to zinfandel. Founded in 1997, it is family owned and operated in addition to being one of the few micro-boutique wineries in the Temecula Valley region. The property includes 15 acres of hand planted vineyards, wine production facilities and a tasting room complete with more than 100 racing and vintage motorcycles from the family’s private collection.

By using meticulous care throughout the winemaking process, owners Marcelo and Damian Doffo are able to produce intense, rich fruit that expresses their commitment toward making world class wines.

This is a great example of the range of applications in which our lift trucks can be used.

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