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Forklift Attachments: Which Ones Are Right For Your Operation?

Forklift attachments replace the traditional fork with a product ideally suited to the loads you intend to work with. Without the proper attachment for your forklift, you risk damaging the products, the forklift itself, or injuring an employee. When selecting a forklift, be aware than an attachment will alter the capacity of your forklift, and you should make adjustments accordingly when deciding how heavy of a load you should attempt to transport. Smaller attachments are better suited for lighter loads. Ensure that operators are trained to safely use forklifts and their attachments, and never exceed the carrying capacity of a lift. Attachments can help you safely lift products, limit any damages, and improve productivity by saving time and money in your warehouse.

Side shifters

Side shifters operate with the forklift and are one of the most a popular attachments. Drivers can shift the product to the right or left without leaving their seat. If a load is improperly aligned, it can easily be corrected with the aid of a side shifter. Not only does this streamline the process and make it more convenient, it also saves the forklift unnecessary wear and tear. If you need to handle two pallets at once, side shifters are also available in double.

Fork positioners

These handy tools also help operators work more efficiently, since they automatically adjust the distance between the forks in order to accommodate different pallet sizes. Once again, drivers don’t even need to leave their seats.


Paper roll and flat surface clamps help protect products from damage. Paper roll clamps are used for holding on to paper while its unrolled and are suitable for many different applications. If the load can’t be transported by a pallet, you should use paper roll clamps. Transporting heavy appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators should be undertaken with the help of flat surface clamps.

Slipsheet attachments

If you are operating a food-processing warehouse, you may want to consider the cost-cutting push/pull attachments. These forklift attachments push the load directly off of the forks, eliminating the need for pallets. Multiple load handlers are also popular in the food industry since they allow you to double or triple the efficiency of your forklifts.

Forklift spreader

This commonly used attachment works best when lifting heavy loads such as plasterboard, timber, or roof sheeting. With a spreader, you reduce the risk of damaging a heavy load that may exceed the carrying capability of a regular forklift. Pallet forks are another useful attachment for lifting heavy loads generally up to 1800 kg. Increased operator visibility is an added benefit of pallet forks.

At KION North America, we provide the equipment and skills needed for creating a safe, efficient facility. We offer an impressive line of state-of-the-art forklifts that make your handling and logistics operations significantly easier. Linde and Baoli forklift brands are ideally suited for the modern operation.

Product Spotlight: Linde Series 1313

The Linde Series 1313 was released nearly 5 years ago and is still one of the top performers in the class four market. This truck is an internal combustion counterbalanced truck equipped with cushion tires and is offered in four different models. This series has a lift capacity ranging from 5,000 to 6,500 pounds and specifically designed for the harsh conditions of the class IV market.

Safety and Design

The Linde Series 1313 is one of the safest trucks on the market, with its low-mounted propane tank and dashboard combined with a clear view mast which increases the all-around visibility for the operator. This, coupled with simple operations, allows the operator to stay alert throughout his or her entire shift. Additional safety attachments are also available for purchase to further enhance this truck including stop lights, tail lights, rear spotlights and an audible backup horn.

This truck is intended to handle demanding tasks and require the truck to be specifically designed to handle the force and tension that comes with them. All structural components such as the frame, axles and mast are designed to massive proportions. For example, the frame on this truck is made of ½-inch steel with 5/8-inch cross bracing—one of the most substantial designs in the industry.

Comfort and Performance

With all the safety features this truck is equipped with, you would be lead to believe comfort is minimal. In reality, the Linde Series 1313 is one of the most comfortable trucks in the class IV market. With a spacious cab accessible from either side of the truck, it is designed to suit any size operator. It also contains an adjustable armrest, suspension seat and functional positioning of easy-actuation controls. Additionally, the comfort features of the Linde Series 1313 allow the operator to start and finish their shift relaxed making your business a safer and more productive workplace.

Linde did not disappoint when it comes to the performance of the Series 1313. This forklift series is equipped with the original Linde Load system which allows the operator to maximize productivity. The layout of all the hydraulic functions enables the operator to maintain a high level of precision fingertip control and working performance.

Additionally, this truck is equipped with Linde’s hydrostatic drive making it capable of handling the harsh effects of ramps, dust, heat, humidity and pushing. The hydrostatic drive is the unique power transfer from the engine to the wheels and is very precise making it one of the easiest trucks to control on the market.

If you are in the market for a top of the line LPG forklift you can always rely on, the Linde Series 1313 may be the truck for your business. For more information or to a request a demo contact your authorized local dealer today.

Recap: Fall 2017 Dealer Sales Meeting


Since the release of five new products at ProMat earlier this year, KION North America has worked to continue capitalizing on that momentum.

From Oct. 25-27, the company hosted a dealer sales update  meeting in Charleston, S.C. There were more than 150 attendees representing 63 dealerships from throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico equaling 85 percent of the company’s dealer network.


Upon arriving in the Lowcountry,  attendees were taken on a private tour of KION North America’s facilities including its manufacturing plant and parts warehouse. Several facility upgrades have been made in the two years since the company’s last Charleston-based dealer meeting including the addition of new assembly and storage areas, a counterweight (CTW) roller system, the changeover to DC-powered torque tools, controlled monitoring and the soon-to-be-completed external covering for stock equipment. The plant tour was followed by a pig and oyster roast welcome dinner.

“We’ve been moving at such a fast pace over the last several years that we wanted to take the opportunity to not only acknowledge, but also to celebrate, where we started and how far we’ve come,” said Vincent Halma, president and CEO of KION North America.



The second day was dedicated to learning about new products and technologies which included additions to both the company’s Linde and Baoli product lines. Attendees also had the opportunity to test drive each of the new products along with some popular existing models.

The Linde Series 1346 is a stand-up electric counterbalanced truck with a load capacity ranging from 3,500-4,000 pounds. This truck is best suited for loading and unloading supplies from trucks and working in tight aisles.

In its economy segment, the company introduced the Baoli KBE25C (electric powered) and the Baoli KBG25C (LPG powered). Both cushion tire forklifts, they are designed to work in a variety of indoor environments. Their small size and sharp turn radius are ideal for working in tight spaces, loading docks and in high lift dock-to-stock operations.

Additionally, Dematic showcased the new iGo neo, a dual-use automated guided vehicle. This vehicle can operate as both a traditional walker-rider machine or as a fully automatic AGV. This new technology can improve overall picking performance by up to 30 percent. The iGo neo is powered by STILL and will be sold in North America by Dematic.

These additions complete their goal of the largest new product release in company and material handling industry in a single year, which they began with the introduction of five new volume and economy segment forklifts at ProMat in Chicago earlier this year.

“By adding eight new products to our product portfolio this year, we are one step closer to achieving our goal of transitioning from a premium, niche equipment provider to a full-line material handling equipment provider,” added Halma.



The meeting concluded on Friday with a captain’s choice golf tournament at Dunes West Golf Club in Mount Pleasant. There were 15 teams comprised of over 60 participants. Brian Hutto, a regional sales manager with KION North America had a hole in one on the 169-yard 17th hole. Finishing in first place were Lonnie Boyd and Jon Paul Tabor of CE-DFW and Tim Woeste, KION North America key account manager.


KION North America’s next planned product release will come in 2018 with the introduction of their much anticipated warehouse product line.

Linde at Work: Liberty Casting

Liberty Casting is a modern foundry based in Delaware, Ohio that specializes in gray, ductile and high-alloy iron casting. They serve customers over a wide variety of industries including agriculture, machine tooling, construction, food processing, power generation and more.

Throughout their three locations, they have roughly 35 Linde forklifts in operation including models from Linde Series 391, Series 393 and Series 394 whose load capacities range from 3,000 to 11,000 pounds.

“We purchased Linde hydrostatic drive forklifts because we wanted a cost-effective, reliable and rugged forklift,” said George Hardiman, maintenance manager at Liberty Casting. “We have not been disappointed.”

Known as the ultimate drive system, the hydrostatic transmission is superior to any other in achieving maximum lift truck performance. Due to the high heat and fine particles associated with foundries, they are considered harsh and demanding environments.

“We run these forklifts up to and sometimes past the design limits and they just keep on running,” added Hardiman. “Linde’s performance far exceeds all other forklifts that I have worked with over the years.”

Overall, these Linde truck series result in greater production efficiency, lower operator costs and lower labor costs. With them, you can handle more loads with fewer lifts and fewer people, which ultimately has a positive effect on your company’s bottom line.

“These trucks are priceless to us,” said Hardiman. “They are the heart and blood of the production floor.”

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Linde at Work: Georgia Power Company

Last February, Georgia Power Company displayed a Linde Series 388 at their customer resource center—a facility designed as an educational resource to help convert customers from fossil fuels to electric.

The Linde Series 388 is available in seven different models with load capacities ranging from 7,500 to 11,000 pounds, all of which are powered by an 80V battery. Due to systematic engineering, these forklifts can operate in both indoor and outdoor applications. For challenging outdoor conditions, like the often brutal Georgia heat, the Linde 388 is available with an optional enclosed cab with all the amenities that you would find in an automobile.

“The lift looked great, and we had good comments on it, including one from our sales vice president who was in attendance,” said Jim Miliam, technical sales manager of Georgia Power Company. “I believe it really shows the strong partnership we’re building to promote electric lifts together.”

The unit, on loan from Lift Atlanta, is a prime example of how critical the support of a strong dealer network and existing customers are to the success of our business.

Georgia Power is the largest operating company within Southern Company. They have been providing electricity to Georgia for more than a century and serve 2.4 million customers throughout the state each year.

The company maintains a business resource section on their website which includes a page promoting the advantages, performance features and environmental benefits of using electric forklifts opposed to internal combustion engine vehicles. Some of these benefits include overall lower life-cycle costs (average savings of $2,000-$6,000 per vehicle each year), 40% lower maintenance costs, and 70-80% lower fuel costs.

Businesses considering electric forklifts can use the Electric Power Research Institute’s calculator to compare forklift costs and see how electric forklifts can help improve their bottom line. For further assistance about using electric forklifts, Georgia Power Company employs a dedicated product manager to assist businesses.

Depending on your needs, KION North America offers eight other electric counterbalanced sit-down forklift series in their Linde product line in load capacities ranging from 3,500 to 17,500 pounds.

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Product Spotlight: Linde Series 1347

With the growing demand for electric forklifts, KION North America rounded out their Class I forklift portfolio with the addition of the Linde Series 1347 in April. One of nine electric truck series from the company’s product line, the 1347 offers many of the high-quality components and features that operators have come to rely on from the Linde brand.

Offered in seven different models, the Linde Series 1347 is an electric-powered counterbalanced truck with cushion tires has a load capacity ranging from 5,000 to 6,500 pounds. It is best suited for indoor environments including general warehousing, trucking, distribution and manufacturing applications.

Safety and Comfort

When it comes to forklifts, safety is key. But, operator comfort is equally important. Lack of either one can be detrimental to the performance and efficiency of any operation. That is why Linde goes to such great lengths to combine both safety and comfort features without sacrificing performance.

A low-mounted counterweight and dashboard, combined with a clearview mast, provides the operator with all-around visibility—making an overall safer workplace. This, together with low noise level and simple operation allow operators to stay alert and maintain unparalleled awareness of their surroundings.

Often when a forklift is packed with safety features, comfort takes a backseat. That is not the case with the Linde Series 1347. Like all Linde material handling equipment, this truck was designed to the most advanced ergonomic standards. With a spacious cab with a fully suspension seat and accessibility from both sides, this truck can suit any size operator—big or small. The operator also benefits from ease-of-use features like cowl-mounted hydraulic controls and functional positioning of easy-actuation controls.

All of these safety and comfort features allow for a more efficient, productive and low-stress working environment which ultimately has a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

Performance and Reliability

Despite its low energy consumption and quiet operation, the Linde Series 1347 is built to withstand the demanding conditions of the Class I market and delivers impressive performance. Advanced motor and drive technology, combined with the mechanically controlled hydraulic system, allow for maximum productivity.

Additionally, in their lifetime, electric forklifts cost less for fuel, require lower maintenance as they have fewer moving parts, require fewer fluids to be replaced like engine oil, coolant and filters, and have considerably fewer lost hours from maintenance downtime and breakdown.

The Linde Series 1347 is also equipped with a dual pedal travel control making it easy for the operator to have complete control over the truck at all times. Functionality is enhanced further thanks to intelligent traction control and maintenance-free wet disc brakes.

Linde’s time tested engineering, design and manufacturing expertise makes them one of the most reliable brands in the material handling industry. KION North America has such confidence in the reliability of this Linde lift truck that it is backed by a 3-year standard warranty.

If you’d like to know whether an electric forklift would be suitable for your operation or would like to request a demo of the Linde Series 1347 contact your authorized local dealer today.

Linde at Work: Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority manages the municipal solid waste and recyclable materials from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania homes and businesses. A critical piece of equipment to this process is the Linde Series 393-02 Model H35T. Delivered to LCSWMA last August, the forklift is used in their 75-yard long, 120-foot deep garbage pit.

Private haulers deliver the waste to LCSWMA who then employs a multi-step approach to trash disposal and processing called an integrated system. This system not only saves substantial landfill capacity, it also creates clean, renewable energy in the form of electricity.

The Linde Series 393-02 is offered in six different models with capacities ranging from 5,500- to 7,000-pounds. Powered by either diesel or LP gas, this forklift is equipped with Linde’s patented hydrostatic drive system—known as the ultimate drive system—allowing it to withstand even the harshest environments.

Pressurized hydraulics and full belly pan help to prevent system contamination and extend the life of the truck. Additionally, fewer consumable parts including no differential, no service brakes and no mechanical transmission, lead to low maintenance costs and extended service intervals—resulting in a vastly improved bottom-line performance.

These are some of the features and benefits not only make the Linde Series 393-02 an ideal forklift for waste and recycling operations like Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, but also a wide variety of other applications include brickyards, foundries, aluminum smelters, beverage plants, lumber yards and more.

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Why You Should Consider an Electric Forklift

Forklifts are not a one size fits all kind of machine. Different models of lift trucks have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Using the right forklift model can make all the difference in your facility when it comes to productivity and efficiency. And with so many options out there, it can feel impossible to choose.

In order to choose the right lift for your business, you need to figure out what it is your particular operation requires. If you need a lift for an indoor facility, an electric forklift may very likely be the right option for you. Here are a few reasons you should consider an electric forklift for your business:

Cost saving

When it comes to cutting operating and maintenance costs, electric forklifts have the advantage. The cost of fuel is completely eliminated, and the cost of electricity for charging can be considerably lower than fuel costs.

Electric forklifts also have fewer moving parts than engine powered models, making maintenance and service less frequent and less costly.


Aside from the back up alarm, electric forklifts make hardly any noise. The quiet nature of the electric lift makes it great for indoor facilities, as there is no noise to impede with the driver’s hearing or communication between workers.

Environmentally friendly

Electric forklifts are also the most environmentally friendly of the lift truck models. With no fuel, the truck produces zero emissions to pollute the air during operation. While the issue of how the electricity is produced does affect the environmental impact, an electric lift is still more green than diesel, hydrogen, or propane lifts.

Additionally, electric lifts produce less fluid waste compared to other models, as they do not require coolants or transmission fluids.

Easier operation

With its low center of gravity and easy maneuverability, the electric forklift is also easier to operate in comparison to other lift models. With only an accelerator and a brake, the operator has an easier time maneuvering the lift. Automatic braking also helps reduce operator fatigue.

These advantages make the electric forklift a great option for indoor facilities and warehouses, especially for environmentally conscious facilities. But in the end, it is up to you to decide the best forklift for your operation. The type of forklift you choose should be based on factors specific to your operation and what you need out of the machine.

To learn more about different forklift options, check out our blog on electric vs. hydrogen powered lift trucks.

Linde at Work: MTU America

During a recent demo at MTU America’s Aiken Plant, the Linde Series 1411 lifted one of the company’s 29,000 lb. diesel engines.

MTU America Inc. is the regional headquarters of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. Their core products—MTU diesel engines and MTU Onsite Energy distributed energy systems — can be found in a broad range of applications—from mine haul trucks, military vehicles and marine vessels to hospitals, data centers and universities. The Aiken Plant manufactures the company’s Series 2000 and 4000 off-highway diesel engines.

Also powered by an MTU engine, the Linde Series 1411 is one of two heavy trucks in KION North America’s product line. Available in 12 models at three variations of load centers, the 1411 boasts a capacity ranging from 22,000 to 40,000 lbs.

A highlight of the HT100Ds-HT180Ds range is the “Power on Demand” capability which balances engine output with the truck load and application, ensuring fuel savings and reduced service costs. It features a short wheelbase chassis yielding the best maneuverability in the industry. This is coupled together with Linde Load Control for added performance, productivity and maintenance savings.

The downside of heavy trucks is that rear visibility is often limited. But, given the sheer weight and size of the engines they produce, MTU was looking for a forklift they could trust. The Linde Series 1411 features a Linde “Clear View” deck and armored glass roof section that provide a 360-degree view for superb all-around visibility.

The MTU demo is just one example proving that Linde heavy trucks are superior when it comes to heavy-duty applications.

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Product Spotlight: Linde Series 1319

The Linde Series 1319 is just one of five new forklifts added to KION North America’s product line this year. Offered in four different models, this forklift is an internal combustion counterbalanced truck equipped with cushion tires. Packed with a host of features without comprising the compact nature of Class IV equipment, the Linde Series 1319 is suited perfectly for indoor environments like warehousing, trucking, distribution and manufacturing applications.

Features and Benefits

The Linde Series 1319 has a capacity ranging from 5,000 to 6,500 pounds. It can best handle items like freight and packaged goods, but can also handle a variety of other items depending on the environment and type of attachment being used. The low-mounted propane tank and dashboard, combined with a clear view mast increases all around visibility for the operator. Additionally, this truck has a low noise output allowing the operator to maintain awareness of their surroundings at all times.

Linde brand forklifts as whole are known for their superiority when it comes to mixing safety and comfort and the Linde Series 1319 is no exception. This truck is designed to the most ergonomic standards. With a spacious cab the operator has accessibility from both sides of the truck. Once inside, cowl-mounted-hydraulic controls, a fully-suspended seat, and functional positioning of easy-actuation controls make the Linde Series 1319 a comfortable truck for all types of operators. This combination of safety and comfort features create a low-stress working environment and allows the operator to start their shift relaxed and finish relaxed.

Increased Productivity

The performance of the Linde Series 1319 is like no other. The 2.5 liter high torque engine, wet disc brakes, two pedal system (inching and brake), foot operated parking brake and precise steering enables the operator to maximize productivity during every shift and maintain total control over the truck at all times.

Coupled with its high performance capability, the Linde Series 1319 is also versatile and adaptive thanks to a variety of optional features. These features include different seat options, an adjustable steering column, optional truck lighting, rearview mirrors and more. This level of versatility allows this forklift to be used in a variety of applications to complete a multitude of different tasks allowing your business to operate more efficiently.

Thanks to time-tested engineering and manufacturing expertise this forklift can withstand the most brutal conditions in severe applications. Given that industrial trucks are subject to high wear and tear, by using quality components like a high-horsepower Ford engine and premium cast axle with tapered bearings, KION North America backs the Linde 1319 with an industry-leading warranty. Extended service intervals augmented by an interactive diagnostic display increase the longevity of this truck.

Overall the Linde Series 1319 is a great all-around truck that can handle the tough conditions. If you value performance, productivity and operator comfort, this could be the truck for you. Need a larger capacity? Read more about the features and benefits of our Linde Series 396 equipped with our unique hydrostatic drive system.