How Forklifts Help After Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are an inevitable part of life. Preparing for them and cleaning up after them are two of the main options we have in response to an unstoppable hurricane, flood, or forest fire. Forklifts may be operational for the most part, but in times of need, they excel at picking up the pieces of a natural disaster. Here are some ways forklifts prove instrumental in our response to emergencies.


The calm before the storm can be a critical time to make arrangements for the impending disaster. Forklifts aid in preparation in various ways. For example, KION helped haul large amounts of sandbags to help prevent flooding in the Lowcountry of South Carolina during the last hurricane scare. Most importantly forklifts prepare and help to brace communities when facing the aftermath of what’s to come.


The pneumatic tires on most forklifts are perfect for driving over rugged terrain and uneven surfaces. This makes them invaluable in the wake of a hurricane or earthquake. Cleaning up debris is the first step to rebuilding a community and forklifts offer the tools to efficiently do this. Hand pallets are also immensely useful to provide the supplies in an organized and quick fashion. Access to food, water, and supplies is the most vital form of relief in these affected communities and forklifts help them get there.


It’s always important to keep the safety and operational standards up to date in case of an emergency relief project. Warehouse managers can contribute to relief by supplying forklifts to the affected areas. Getting supplies to the location, transferring them quickly to the communities, and ensuring a quick clean up is something forklifts provide in the face of a natural disaster.

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Forklifts are useful before and after a natural disaster strikes. Aiding in preparation for the storm and supplying relief efforts afterward can make a huge difference in the lives of those affected. Forklifts help communities recover from the disaster and make it possible for them to thrive again.