The Faces of KION North America: Our Leaders on Leadership – Kim Sawyer, Head of Marketing

As part of a special series on The Faces of KION North America, we sat down with members of our leadership team to talk about their thoughts on leadership. During this installment, we feature Kim Sawyer, Head of Marketing.

What is your position, and in summary, what do you do?

As the Head of Marketing for KION North America, I lead and drive the marketing and communications department. This department is passionate about building strong relationships across our organization, with our dealer partners, customers, and the public. This team of exceptional cross-functional marketers and communicators focuses on strategies for all marketing and communication efforts, including channel enablement, digital, communications (internal and external), branding and voice, as well as creative. In addition, this team works tirelessly to ensure our brand message is strong and consistent across all channels and efforts, such as tradeshows, events, campaigns, digital platforms, and promotional material.

What made you get into this industry?

I began my journey within the material handling industry as a Communications Specialist. Previously, I held positions outside the industry, such as Director of Marketing, Marketing and Communications Managers, and Advertising Coordinator. And as a life-long learner and someone who is always up for a challenge, I jumped at the opportunity to create internal and external communications for KION North America.

What are the most important attributes of successful leaders today?

Being a successful leader isn’t just about managing a team and having the technical knowledge to do so – it’s about leading people. Of course, creating great content and hitting your goals is always important, but even more important is how you do that. Successful leaders listen, take risks, and build passionate and dedicated teams.

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What advice would you give someone seeking a leadership position in the material handling industry?

  • Prioritize learning and training for yourself and your team – continuously improve.
  • Listen to your team members, your peers in the industry, and the needs of your organization.
  • Think outside the box – look to other barrier-breaking industries for inspiration.
  • The industry is constantly changing – be adaptable!