At Linde Material Handling, we are looking back on more than 70 years of designing the most reliable forklift trucks in the industry and our new warehouse products are no exception. The Linde Series 5195 narrow aisle reach truck combines operator comfort with increased efficiency and enhanced visibility. These features make the Linde reach truck the right choice for every warehouse environment.


With the Linde’s ergonomically focused compartment, adjustable steer tiller and control handle coupled with the most operator room in the industry, the compartment can be adjusted to provide the operator with a comfortable working environment, reducing fatigue and maximizing overall productivity.


With a service door that opens well nearly 180 degrees, technicians have full and easy access to all necessary componentry, allowing for the truck to remain in service longer. The new Linde reach truck also has a 2-piece cover that grants additional access to critical components and makes service a breeze. Technicians will appreciate the onboard diagnostics used to quickly and effectively check and address truck systems. The CAN bus electronics integrate truck systems with reduced wiring and electrical connections. Overall, the Linde Series 5195 reach truck enables easier and faster maintenance.


Linde’s powered lowering drastically increases lower speeds, reducing cycle times, and pumping energy back into the battery. Long run times and reduced cycle times make the 5195 series an efficient material handling solution. Variable steering resistance and an informative display with the truck status support the operator staying in perfect control of the truck and its valuable loads during operations. The 5195 series preserves the engineering pedigree of all Linde products, holding industry leading residual capacities, allowing heavier loads to travel higher and reducing adding to the flexibility of your warehouse’s storage capabilities.

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Linde’s cushioned hydraulic system allows for delicate handling of any load, including controlled acceleration, smooth maneuvering and responsive braking with or without a load. This increases operator efficiency while helping to guard against product damage. 


Linde’s glass overhead guard provides the operator with zero obstructions while checking load placement on a rack. With the glass overhead guard, the operator can stay within the compartment throughout the handling of the goods even at higher heights. This increases fork accuracy, and in turn, decreases cycle time and product damage. 

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