Product Spotlight: Baoli KBG25/35

The Baoli KBG25/35 is an internal combustion truck equipped with pneumatic tires. Offered in two different models, this forklift has a  capacity ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 pounds and is great for a multitude of applications.

Released in 2015, the Baoli KBG25/35 like other Baoli brand products is fully integrated into the KION North America service and supply chain. This means that Baoli shares resources with other KION brands, including the longstanding Linde Material Handling brand. In North America, the two brands share an established sales and service network.

Standard / Optional Features

The Baoli KBG25/35 is equipped with front LED work lights, a Bolzoni side shifter, triplex mast, back -up alarm, strobe light and many other features that can make your business more efficient and contribute to a safer work environment. Baoli trucks come with many operator comfort and safety features at no extra cost. If the standard features aren’t enough for you to accomplish the task at hand, the Baoli KBG has optional features as well. Some of these features include fire extinguisher mounted to overhead guard, fourth-function control valve and Baoli safety orange paint color.

Comfort and Safety

With this truck, comfort does not take a back seat. The KBG25/35 provides a smoother ride thanks to its fully suspended cab, neoprene mounted steer axle, softer riding solid pneumatic tires and adjustable, comfort suspension seat. Hidden tilt cylinders give the operator more floor space and foot room. The tilt steering column accommodates the driving position of different operators.

The KBG25/35 includes multiple features to help protect the operator and others in the workplace. The overhead guard includes a Plexiglas® cover that shields the operator from rain and small debris. An orange seat belt with sequential interlock requires the operator to be seated and to fasten the seat belt before starting the forklift. The orange color helps supervisors see from a distance that their operators are wearing their seatbelts. The standard flashing strobe and backup alarm can be supplemented with a blue spotlight that helps others in the workplace be aware of an approaching forklift. A sound-insulated engine compartment reduces noise, helping the operator to hear his/her surroundings.

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Performance and Quality

The performance of the Baoli KBG25/35 exceeds the standard for economy segment forklifts. The K25 engine has been proven over decades of use in forklift applications. Its IMPCO fuel system provides outstanding performance with plenty of power, and good fuel economy thanks to an innovative deceleration fuel shutoff that maximizes engine efficiency.

Understanding that high lifts can be challenging,  the Baoli KBG25/35 was designed to offer good forward and upward visibility, with capacity to spare for most loads. The controls are both easy to reach and responsive.

Additionally, routine maintenance is really easy on this forklift. The engine hood opens to a nearly 90-degree angle, providing easy access to components. The easy-to-read dash display provides important information about the unit. Maintenance costs are reduced with longer maintenance intervals and features like a timing chain driven camshaft that requires no belt changes.

The Baoli KBG25/35 is backed by KION North America’s standard warranty. Baoli spare parts are kept in stock at KION North America’s warehouse in South Carolina, making delivery possible within 24 hours throughout the U.S. by authorized dealers.

If you’re looking for a quality forklift that you can rely on that won’t break the bank, look no further. For more information or to request a demo of the Baoli KBG25/35 forklift contact your authorized local dealer today.