Product Spotlight: Linde Series 1120

The Linde Series 1120 not only provides the operator comfort and control you have come to expect from Linde products, but the series also offers extreme efficiency with increased shift life in narrow aisle environments. As we know, employees are most productive when they are comfortable and confident. In this superb, stress-free working environment the operator is motivated and fully focused on the task at hand.

The Linde Series 1120 is offered in seven different models with a lift capacity ranging from 3000 to 4,500 lbs. (5000 Lb. on special request). With this range of offerings, your warehouse is sure to find a model that works for you. Some models can even be fully customized for your particular warehouse and your specifications. Applications for the Linde Series 1120 models include; refrigerated or cold storage, even special attachments, for companies who need more manufacturing space and warehousing of all types.


As with every Linde product, the ergonomics on the Linde Series 1120 models are exceptionally designed. Linde engineers design each truck around the operator to help ensure the most stress-free environment as possible. These trucks offer a world first for reach trucks, with the operator cab mounted “floating” to the base chassis, to give an unsurpassed level of comfort to the driver. A fully adjustable air suspension seat and integral control console with fingertip joystick control of hydraulics along with the unique Linde rheological electric steering system enables effortless operation and assured maneuvering and traveling.


Safety is always the most important feature on any truck. Three independent breaking systems with all-wheel braking, emergency power cut-off, Linde clear-view mast design, Linde Load Control (LLC) with fingertip activation, large diameter load wheels, and Linde Digital Control (LDC) with electric regen are among the impressive range of protective features that ensure a safe and efficient work environment for the operator.

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With a variety of options such as an optional camera system for driving and stacking and an optional laser pointer shows the operator the exact position of his forks and helps him to stack or retrieve pallets quickly and safely, improving the already safe working environment.


Becoming more efficient end goal of every business, especially where warehouses are involved, and depending on your working environment the Linde Series 1120 can help with that. With excellent stability and outstanding performance, the Linde Series 1120 can help increase efficiency throughout your operation. An ergonomically designed operator compartment provides your employees with reduced operating fatigue and an advanced hydraulics system provides smooth travel and precise load handling on all surfaces and ramps.

The sideways-seated driving position helps the operator achieve high pallet throughput. Powerful traction and lift motors guarantee high performance and productivity. Thanks to the Linde System Control (LSC) the optimum performance is calculated in real-time in relation to the load carried – a great advantage for maximum throughput.


All machines require maintenance, but the Linde series 1120 is designed with durable equipment ensuring long maintenance intervals and rapid service. This savings is particularly significant when compared with the more conventional pantograph reach trucks. Some of the design features include quick, easy battery charge or change, CAN bus connection streamline truck diagnostics and servicing, maintenance-free AC motor and enclosed electronics.

If you are looking for a quality electric forklift that you can rely on without breaking the bank, the Linde Series 1120 models could be a great fit for your operation. Please see a list of options on our website or for more information, please contact your authorized local dealer today.