Linde Series 1319

Product Spotlight: Linde Series 1319

The Linde Series 1319 is just one of five new forklifts added to KION North America’s product line this year. Offered in four different models, this forklift is an internal combustion counterbalanced truck equipped with cushion tires. Packed with a host of features without comprising the compact nature of Class IV equipment, the Linde Series 1319 is suited perfectly for indoor environments like warehousing, trucking, distribution and manufacturing applications.

Features and Benefits

The Linde Series 1319 has a capacity ranging from 5,000 to 6,500 pounds. It can best handle items like freight and packaged goods, but can also handle a variety of other items depending on the environment and type of attachment being used. The low-mounted propane tank and dashboard, combined with a clear view mast increases all around visibility for the operator. Additionally, this truck has a low noise output allowing the operator to maintain awareness of their surroundings at all times.

Linde brand forklifts as whole are known for their superiority when it comes to mixing safety and comfort and the Linde Series 1319 is no exception. This truck is designed to the most ergonomic standards. With a spacious cab the operator has accessibility from both sides of the truck. Once inside, cowl-mounted-hydraulic controls, a fully-suspended seat, and functional positioning of easy-actuation controls make the Linde Series 1319 a comfortable truck for all types of operators. This combination of safety and comfort features create a low-stress working environment and allows the operator to start their shift relaxed and finish relaxed.

Increased Productivity

The performance of the Linde Series 1319 is like no other. The 2.5 liter high torque engine, wet disc brakes, two pedal system (inching and brake), foot operated parking brake and precise steering enables the operator to maximize productivity during every shift and maintain total control over the truck at all times.

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Coupled with its high performance capability, the Linde Series 1319 is also versatile and adaptive thanks to a variety of optional features. These features include different seat options, an adjustable steering column, optional truck lighting, rearview mirrors and more. This level of versatility allows this forklift to be used in a variety of applications to complete a multitude of different tasks allowing your business to operate more efficiently.

Thanks to time-tested engineering and manufacturing expertise this forklift can withstand the most brutal conditions in severe applications. Given that industrial trucks are subject to high wear and tear, by using quality components like a high-horsepower Ford engine and premium cast axle with tapered bearings, KION North America backs the Linde 1319 with an industry-leading warranty. Extended service intervals augmented by an interactive diagnostic display increase the longevity of this truck.

Overall the Linde Series 1319 is a great all-around truck that can handle the tough conditions. If you value performance, productivity and operator comfort, this could be the truck for you. Need a larger capacity? Read more about the features and benefits of our Linde Series 396 equipped with our unique hydrostatic drive system.