Linde Series 1347

Product Spotlight: Linde Series 1347

With the growing demand for electric forklifts, KION North America rounded out their Class I forklift portfolio with the addition of the Linde Series 1347 in April. One of nine electric truck series from the company’s product line, the 1347 offers many of the high-quality components and features that operators have come to rely on from the Linde brand.

Offered in seven different models, the Linde Series 1347 is an electric-powered counterbalanced truck with cushion tires has a load capacity ranging from 5,000 to 6,500 pounds. It is best suited for indoor environments including general warehousing, trucking, distribution and manufacturing applications.

Safety and Comfort

When it comes to forklifts, safety is key. But, operator comfort is equally important. Lack of either one can be detrimental to the performance and efficiency of any operation. That is why Linde goes to such great lengths to combine both safety and comfort features without sacrificing performance.

A low-mounted counterweight and dashboard, combined with a clearview mast, provides the operator with all-around visibility—making an overall safer workplace. This, together with low noise level and simple operation allow operators to stay alert and maintain unparalleled awareness of their surroundings.

Often when a forklift is packed with safety features, comfort takes a backseat. That is not the case with the Linde Series 1347. Like all Linde material handling equipment, this truck was designed to the most advanced ergonomic standards. With a spacious cab with a fully suspension seat and accessibility from both sides, this truck can suit any size operator—big or small. The operator also benefits from ease-of-use features like cowl-mounted hydraulic controls and functional positioning of easy-actuation controls.

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All of these safety and comfort features allow for a more efficient, productive and low-stress working environment which ultimately has a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

Performance and Reliability

Despite its low energy consumption and quiet operation, the Linde Series 1347 is built to withstand the demanding conditions of the Class I market and delivers impressive performance. Advanced motor and drive technology, combined with the mechanically controlled hydraulic system, allow for maximum productivity.

Additionally, in their lifetime, electric forklifts cost less for fuel, require lower maintenance as they have fewer moving parts, require fewer fluids to be replaced like engine oil, coolant and filters, and have considerably fewer lost hours from maintenance downtime and breakdown.

The Linde Series 1347 is also equipped with a dual pedal travel control making it easy for the operator to have complete control over the truck at all times. Functionality is enhanced further thanks to intelligent traction control and maintenance-free wet disc brakes.

Linde’s time tested engineering, design and manufacturing expertise makes them one of the most reliable brands in the material handling industry. KION North America has such confidence in the reliability of this Linde lift truck that it is backed by a 3-year standard warranty.

If you’d like to know whether an electric forklift would be suitable for your operation or would like to request a demo of the Linde Series 1347 contact your authorized local dealer today.