Product Spotlight: Linde Series 388

The Linde Series 388 is exactly what customers have come to expect from Linde products. This truck raises the standard for comfort, efficiency, productivity and reliability. Offered in seven different models, the Linde 388 has a lift capacity ranging from 7,500 to 11,000 lbs. This electric truck can fit well in a multitude of applications, including general warehousing, manufacturing and the beverage industry. The Linde Series 388 is an ideal truck to replace engine powered forklifts, even in outdoor applications.

Operator Comfort
The ergonomics on the Linde 388 are phenomenal. Linde engineers painstakingly developed the truck around the operator to help ensure the most stress-free environment possible. The Linde 388 features a spacious operator compartment with generous foot room and a cushioned floating cab specifically designed for low fatigue operation. Along with the ergonomic layout of all controls and adjustability of armrest and seat, Linde trucks provide the best possible operating environment for the operator.

Operator Confidence
At the end of the day, operator confidence plays a large roll in a safer and more productive workplace. A key element of operator confidence is feeling in control of the vehicle and comfortable with its capability. Visibility of the load through the mast is key in increasing this confidence for not only the truck operator, but those working around the truck. This increased visibility is achieved by nesting the mast rails to hide one of them completely, which results in a much narrower profile and significantly wider field of vision, through and around the mast. The truck also has standard features including two spotlights, an overhead guard and an emergency power cut-off.

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Becoming more productive is always the end goal of every workplace. Depending on your working environment, the 388 can help with that. This truck features the Linde drive axle, which is an assembly that includes twin drive motors, reduction gears, brake system and power module. This system eliminates two energy wasting components, dragging differentials and long power supply cables, which are the major sources of excessive energy consumption. Linde has also made energy visible, meaning the Linde electric trucks have a unique energy management system, including an advanced battery state of charge indicator. This measures the current and available voltage to provide a continuous update of the battery’s overall condition.

Reliability and durability are two features that Linde is known for. All components and assemblies are tested to meet rigorous longevity standards. All machines require maintenance, but the Linde series 388 has maintenance intervals of 1000 hours. This truck has many design features that allow for this high maintenance interval. Some of these design features include automatic deceleration, maintenance-free brake system and electronic diagnostics. This truck is also equipped with an AC system for all motors which operates without brushes and is completely sealed extending component life.

If you are looking for a quality electric forklift that you can rely on without breaking the bank, the Linde 388 could be a great fit for your operation. If you think there are other options that would benefit your workplace, please see a list of options on our website or for more information, please contact your authorized local dealer today.