Reach Truck Product Showcase – Keeping Your Best People Part of the Team

Did you miss ProMat DX 2021? Don’t worry we’ve shared our Reach Truck product showcase below for convenient viewing.

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Take Control of Your Distribution Operation & Reach Truck Demo

In this session from ProMat DX, Mick McCormick, Director of Warehouse and Advanced Applications, takes you through the trends of the warehouse industry, the technology that is available, and the importance of focusing on the operator & ease of use of your material handling equipment.

🕒Time Stamps

  • 0:00​ – Introduction
  • 0:32​ – Dealing With Warehouse Challenges & Labor Churn
  • 4:26​ – Product Demo: Linde 5195 Reach Truck

Complete control of your operation is key to:

  • increasing productivity
  • retaining employees
  • growth
  • equal cost savings for your business

That’s where knowledge and the right solutions to fit your operator’s needs, be they full-time or peak labor, make a big difference. Temporary labor and warehouse employee turnover can bring your operation to a screeching halt! It’s important to have the right products as part of your warehouse strategy to minimize disruptions.

From onboarding to running with confidence during peak seasons, the Linde reach truck is designed to put your business and your operator in complete control of every situation. As we know, a comfortable operator is a confident operator and a confident operator is a highly productive one, increasing accuracy, productivity and saving you money.

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