The Linde Series 5215 Order Picker  | KION North America

The Linde Series 5215 Order Picker 

If you’re seeking the newest, cutting-edge, Order Picker for your warehouse operations, look no further than the Linde Model V15 Series 5215 Order Picker.  With attention to operator comfort, ergonomics, performance, and reliability, the V15 delivers exceptional performance for your warehouse supply chain solutions. 

Performance Driven

The Linde Model V15 Series 5215 Order Picker is the answer to your most challenging environments and demanding applications.  Reaching heights up to 360” and a capacity of 3,000lbs, this truck also has the ability to maintain capacity with very little mast deflection, resulting in operator confidence.  In addition to its ability to accommodate any warehouse application, the Series 5215 utilizes 100% AC motor technology along with the latest controls, allowing the operator to smoothly operate the truck.  While operating the truck, Linde’s curve control automatically reduces driving speed based on steering angle and lifting height of the load, giving the operator added assurance. Accurate execution is realized with the unique clamp design that automatically clamps and centers pallets with any stringer ranging from 1” to 5”.  This added benefit eliminates the need for standardization of pallets or the use of workarounds.

Controlled Operation

While focusing on operator comfort and productivity, the Series 5215 offers a premium foot mat with spacious foot and brake area allowing continuous change of foot position throughout the day. Within the operator platform, the multifunction control handle remains stationary, allowing a solid, secure four-point stance for the operator.  By using a thumb tiller to travel, the control handle limits wrist movement, while keeping the operator in contact with the truck at all times. 


A one piece low profile cover provides greater operator visibility and full access to key components for service access. The low maintenance AC traction motor with built in thermal protection is enclosed for protection against damage, debris or moisture. The CANbus design and diagnostics can be controlled through a single point plug and fault codes can be easily displayed. These Linde features increase productivity, efficiency and extended maintenance intervals.