What Is an Order Picker and Why Do You Need One?

What is an order picker? If you’ve ever wondered this, you probably work in a warehouse seeking innovative solutions for narrow aisle capabilities while simultaneously achieving high reaches. Order pickers can be a sound investment for many businesses seeking to boost productivity. Here we’ll cover what an order picker is, why you should invest in one, and things to consider beforehand.

What Is It?

An order picker does just that – helps to pick orders. They help you to pick orders from up to 35 feet in the air! There are a variety of ranges for order pickers, ranging from mid to high-level reaching. Mid-level reaching can range from 15 to 25 feet and typically has a capacity for 3,000 lbs. The high-level order pickers still only hold 3,000 lbs capacity, but extend to reach anywhere from 20 to 35 feet! These higher models must be wire or rail guided for added support and safety.

Why Do You Need It?

Order pickers allow you to access heights ranging between 9 to 35 ft high. Increased storage is invaluable within a warehouse, so investing in an order picker is ultimately an investment in your profits. Not only does the order picker reach great heights, but it also allows for a more narrow aisle as well. More space means better operational efficiency, and that’s why you need an order picker.

Things to Consider Beforehand

These machines are designed to extend 30 or more feet in the air, and there are a few things to consider before bringing one to work. Obviously, ample height is needed in relation to the max extension of your model. Also, your load requirements should be considered seeing as though these don’t exceed 3,000 lbs capacity. If you anticipate needing the high-level order picker, think about ways to optimize for the railing guidance previously mentioned.

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We hope this information is helpful when deciding if an order picker is a beneficial purchase for you or your company. If you have any questions regarding order pickers, need more insight, or if you are considering your purchase, please contact us via our website or by calling us at 843-875-8000.