What Is A Reach Truck and Why Do You Need One?

Are you interested in understanding what a reach truck is and how it would be a beneficial piece of machinery to have? If you are searching for assistance in a tight warehouse work environment with great height and narrow aisles then a reach truck is worth your investment. Here we discuss what a reach truck is, why you need it, and things to consider before purchasing one.

What Is It?

A reach truck is designed to handle certain activities, such as: fitting in narrow aisles, to store and retrieve pallets in racks, to provide right-angle stacking, and for unit load handling with rack interface. There are two types of reach trucks, pantograph reach trucks and moving mast reach trucks. Pantograph reach trucks are designed to extend the lifting forks forward which allows them to enter into racking with either a double or single reach arrangement, and a moving mast reach truck is created to enable the whole mast to move forward.

Why Do You Need It?

A reach truck is an excellent piece of machinery to have if you need unity handling, have to maintain capacity at height, or when you need selectivity. It is also great to have a reach truck because most conventional systems would involve and need a pallet truck supplying a reach truck in a unit load storage implementation. While the reach truck dispenses let-down for the pallet truck in low position order picking; this easily qualifies the reach truck as a useful tool for other machines that are utilized daily. 

Things To Consider Beforehand

Before buying a reach truck think about things such as load requirement, load capacity, top load beam, clear ceiling height, and lift off space (usually ranging from 8 to 12 inches). Keep in mind other essential warehouse items to specify when buying a reach truck; this will include thinking about any floor issues there might be, aisle entry, base leg openings, side shift, and battery voltage, and charging systems.

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We hope you have found this information helpful when deciding if a reach truck is a beneficial purchase for you or your company. If you have any questions regarding reach trucks, need more insight, or if you are considering your purchase, please contact us via our website or by calling us at 843-875-8000.