3 Things to Know Before Buying a Forklift Attachment

Forklift attachments function to diversify a machine’s range of motion and capacity load. Buying used can have economic incentives, but you need to know what you’re getting into before you invest. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when buying a forklift attachment.

1. Attachments Will Affect Your Forklift’s Net Capacity.

Adding a forklift attachment will add weight to the forklift, taking away from the capacity load potential of that forklift. Depending on the attachment, this can affect the net capacity that your forklift can handle, which may ultimately affect efficient operations. Know your weight before you buy to calculate just how much weight you’re losing from product load in return for the attachment’s benefit.

2. Attachments Can Change the Lift Truck’s Center of Gravity.

Understanding how the center of gravity will change in response to a forklift attachment will not require a physics degree. Just know that heavy attachments that have their weight distributed to the right or left will influence the workload ability and safety of the lift. To see if your attachment is affecting your lift’s center of gravity, observe some weight being lifted and see if the weight shifts, slides, moves off center. If so, there may be a center of gravity issue for that attachment.

3. Clamp Release Interlocking Devices Are Vital for Attachments.

Although these clamps are not applicable to every attachment, they are worth considering before buying any used machinery. These clamp release devices work by reinforcing the attachments to their host. Having this device will prevent the damaging of products, reduce the falling of loaded weight, and increase the overall safety of the operation.

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Acknowledging these three considerations when buying a used forklift attachment will lead to finding the right product for your company all while reaping the benefits of saving money!