5 Ways To Make Your Warehouse More Green

Going green is more of a pressing issue now than ever, especially in spaces that are centered around manufacturing, technology, and energy consumption. It is incredibly important to be aware and informed of the supplies you’re using and the way in which you’re using them. In many cases, they could be negatively affecting the environment. Because warehouses are typically a ground for production and waste, it’s time to start making the switch to sustainable and eco-friendly methods. It’s time to go green.

Enforce Recycling

This one should be a given, yet it is ignored all too often. Having a system for recycling amongst employees is one of the simplest ways to positively contribute to how “green” an organization is. In the case of a warehouse environment, considering having various labeled bins throughout the space for different materials. While one bin could be dedicated to paper, another could be dedicated to glass, electronics, etc. There is no need for faulty equipment to wind up in a traditional landfill. A little organization can go a long way. 

Go Electric

In a space that functions off of the use of devices and machines, it is crucial to consider what the power source for them is. Switching to electric power sources means two things: a decrease in cost and a decrease in emissions. It’s a win/win. The advantages of converting to an electronically powered forklift are endless. 

Clean Wisely

If you haven’t read the back of traditional cleaning products lately, then you should definitely do so now. The majority of products on the shelves are composed of harsh chemicals that eventually make it into the environment via rivers and streams, harming animals and polluting the water. They can also be toxic to your own employees through air contamination. For more details on the ways basic household cleaning products can damage the environment and decrease your health, this article breaks it down.

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Fan It Out

If your energy bills are sky high and your employees are still feeling sticky, consider incorporating industrial fans into the mix. The air movement produced by industrial fans actually surpasses air conditioning, as they don’t take anything from the air, just circulate it. While you would be avoiding the costs of conventional air conditioning, you would also be decreasing overall energy usage by investing in a high volume, low speed (HVLS) fan. 


The materials used to build your warehouse can contribute to what occurs within it. Something to consider is both the location of your operations and the roof that is built above it. The more a location is centralized, the fewer employees and vehicles have to travel to commute to and from, reducing what is emitted into the air. Likewise, consider what roofing materials might decrease the temperature of your space. Is your roof reflecting sunlight or absorbing it? If you’re considering your options, think of solar panels and their many benefits. 

KION North America is one of the world’s largest two leading manufacturers of industrial trucks and the largest manufacturers of forklifts, priding ourselves on innovative technologies, reduced energy consumption, and low operating costs. While some transformations are more extensive than others, making the necessary steps to transform your warehouse into a green space is beneficial for everyone. Eco-friendly products and reusable energy are creating a lasting future, which is the ultimate goal of going green.