What to Do When You Run Out of Warehouse Space

Running out of space in your warehouse can be a result of various situations. Sometimes it means your sales are up with more space for growth, or sales are down with stagnant products piling up. Whatever the case may be for your company, a solution must be found for the lack of warehouse space, the most valuable asset. There are a few things to consider when you are faced with a full warehouse:

Evaluate Inventory

When faced with little warehouse space, sometimes, the build-up of unnecessary inventory has occurred; therefore, evaluating the inventory in your warehouse can help you free up space. Managing inventory allows for more space availability. When evaluating your inventory consider reorganizing the space as well as cleaning up any clutter that is adding to the lack of space issue will not only help solve the problem, but it will also increase functionality and efficiency.

Utilize Floor Space Properly

Re-evaluating how you manage your space is essential in utilizing your warehouse space properly when faced with a lack of space. By using stackable and resealable containers, aisle space has been proven to increase. However, narrow aisles can be just as efficient; therefore, measuring your aisles can help you to minimize space used and maximize space available. Keep the size of your material handling equipment in mind when to plan out floor space specifically within the aisles.

From the Ground Up

Not only is floor space important to utilize, but also vertical space in your warehouse. Looking up when faced with an issue like warehouse space, will expand your possibilities and space. With regulations in mind, expand up to help clear more space on the ground. Properly using stacking methods will also increase efficiency within your warehouse while maximizing the air.

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Change Your Rack Design

Another way to solve the problem of limited space within a warehouse means putting your thinking cap on when it comes to your storage system, specifically pallet rack design. With safety in mind, think about ways to potentially reposition, add or remove, or change the pallet racking design altogether. Utilize different pallet racking systems to maximize your warehouse space.

Running out of warehouse space happens often; however, understanding solutions to the problem will help prevent it from occurring in the future. A full warehouse means a re-evaluation is necessary to open up space as you move towards future success for your company.