Baoli KBG25C

Product Spotlight: Baoli KBG25C

Released in October, Baoli KBG25C is the first internal combustion, LPG-powered forklift to be made available in North America from the Baoli product line that is equipped with non-treaded cushion tires. With a load capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, this forklift is among the top of its class in both efficiency and performance.


The Baoli KBG25C is designed for indoor, warehouse use and is an ideal choice for businesses that primarily operate LPG-powered equipment in their facilities. They are popular in freight forwarding applications and other warehouse environments that are not suitable for electric forklifts.

Built using quality components, the performance of this truck is outstanding. The proven IMPCO K25 LPG engine delivers 60 HP of power to more easily handle heavy loads. Depending on the requirements of your facility, this forklift is also available with either a triplex mast or simplex “trucker’s” mast (pictured).

Additionally, being able to work in tight spaces is vital in the North American market as many facilities have narrow aisles and dense floor-level storage. The Baoli KBG25C yields a tight turn radius allowing it to work in aisles as narrow as 13 feet. Along with the compact design, this forklift maximizes fuel efficiency with its innovative deceleration fuel shutoff—ultimately reducing operating costs.


As with any piece of equipment, routine preventative maintenance is crucial to maximizing efficiency and performance. To help you get the most out of your investment, performing maintenance on the KBG25C has never been easier. The hood opens to a nearly 90-degree angle allowing the operator to easily access the engine. Removable floor plates and side panels give the operator access to a majority of the truck. Taking accessibility a step further, it also has dash access to the brake fluid. These features help save your business time when it comes to keeping up with maintenance and keep your business running smoothly.

Even though a truck has outstanding performance, it never hurts to have a good warranty you can rely on. All Baoli forklifts, including the KBG25C, are backed by KION North America’s standard 2-year warranty which covers standard equipment for the first year and unlimited hours, in addition to standard powertrain coverage for two years or 4,000 hours. An optional extended warranty for one additional year or 2,000 hours can be purchased.

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Whether needed for routine maintenance or repair, one of the worst things that can happen to a company is when your equipment is inoperable while you are waiting for spare parts to arrive. However, Baoli brand equipment is fully integrated into KION North America’s supply chain and service system. The company’s South Carolina-based warehouse is stocked with a variety of spare parts and with a network of authorized dealers throughout the United States, this makes delivery possible within 24 hours.

Safety and Comfort

Like the comparable electric version of this truck, the Baoli KBG25C is equipped with a host of standard comfort features at no extra cost including a tilt steering column and a comfort suspension seat making it comfortable for any size operator. Work assist features on this model include LED work lights and a rear pillar assist handle with horn.

The Baoli KBG25C isn’t only comfortable to operate, but is also one of the safest trucks in its class. An amber warning light and forward facing twin LED spotlights are mounted to the overhead guard. Combined with a backup alarm and travel speed reduction, the standard safety features will make your workplace a safer environment for everyone. Additional safety options available include a rear-facing blue spotlight, road lights (brake, reverse and turn signals), fire extinguisher and Baoli safety orange paint (pictured).

If you are looking for a quality LPG-powered forklift without breaking the bank, the Baoli KBG25C could be a great fit for your operation. For more information or to request a demo contact your authorized local dealer today.