The Next Generation of Linde’s Electric Counterbalance Forklifts – The Linde Series 1293

Being at the technological forefront of material handling solutions means that we always keep an eye on ways our products can be repurposed for the future. In terms of our electric forklift portfolio, this means keeping our products reliable with longer endurance and lower energy consumption as your application develops increasing needs. We are now introducing the Linde Series 1293 as the newest Li-ION electric counterbalance forklift in our portfolio! This series is the next generation of 4000-5000 lb. capacity electric counterbalance Linde forklifts, built to keep your electric operation moving, indoors and out.

New Generation – New Energy

Both models, E20BHP and E25BHP, sport an 80V/277Ah Li-ION battery. The Linde Li-ION battery has been through 3,000+ hours of rigorous international standards testing to ensure that this truck can be a reliable replacement for your current internal combustion fleet in everyday outdoor applications. Between the ability to work in cold outdoor spaces, standard water-resistant features on electric counterbalance trucks, and extensive stress testing in various harsh industrial work environments, this truck can overcome any obstacle your operation will throw at it.

Easy-to-Use Battery

The Linde Series 1293 is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery which hosts key efficiency and maintenance features to launch your application upwards. Lithium-ion batteries are a maintenance-free power source, meaning there is no need to add water or electrolyte in continuous cycle, and you can avoid the need for battery swaps altogether. That also means that you can eliminate exposure to battery acid entirely. In addition, the combination of increased power performance and easy opportunity charge procedure means the 1293 can stay in action for longer with less operator discipline.

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Unmatched Flexibility

The 1293 is flexible in that it can operate in both indoor and outdoor applications.  The smooth operation is ideally suited for quiet indoor environments where low ambient noise is beneficial.  The rain-proof design helps the truck excel in outdoor scenarios that were previously served by IC trucks.  Like all other Linde counterbalance trucks, the 1293 has an ultra-durable, one-piece steer axle that ensures longevity while driving over bumpy outdoor surfaces.

Easy and Comfortable Operation

The Linde Series 1293 is designed with the operator in mind. The operator compartment is spacious with a comfortable footwell and adjustable seat. The large step-in plate with anti-slip design ensures that the operator can safely enter and exit the forklift. Additionally, the truck responds immediately to operating commands and provides the driver with ultimate control of the load. This feature increases productivity and reduces fatigue, making it easier for operators to work efficiently for extended periods.

The Linde Series 1293 – Built for You

In conclusion, the Linde Series 1293 is a forklift designed to improve productivity in a wide variety of applications, introduce new customers to the benefits of Li-ION technology, reduce fatigue, and provide a safe working environment for operators. The various engineered designs provide outstanding performance and make the Linde Series 1293 a game changer in the world of forklifts. If you are looking for a forklift that can improve your productivity and provide a safe working environment for your operators, the Linde Series 1293 is the forklift for you.