Tips for an Eco-Friendly Warehouse

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Warehouse

The biggest energy expense for warehouse operations is lighting, according to a study by Smart Energy Design. Packaging materials, cooling efforts, and failing to recycle are other monetary and environmental burdens. However, both companies and consumers are becoming more eco-conscious in the face of climate change and overflowing landfills. Investing in sustainable warehouse practices will lower costs, help the environment, and impress customers.

Use eco-packaging

Biodegradable packaging protects customers from potentially hazardous materials and prevents your business from incurring fines for violating environmental regulations. Even if you switch to eco-friendly packing materials, try to reduce the amount of packaging used in boxes. Lighter packages cost less to ship, and save money by avoiding excessive packaging.

Improve lighting fixtures

Your warehouse’s electricity use presents an opportunity to lower operational costs and help the environment. While upgrading to LED lighting or other energy saving fixtures is initially expensive, it can save your warehouse up to 80%  on utility bills. Another sustainable strategy is turning off and unplugging your equipment at night. Try plugging electronics into surge protectors so you aren’t stuck untangling a mess of cords.

Initiate recycling programs

Warehouses consume high volumes of paper and cardboard, but failure to recycle or reuse means that you’ll continue buying materials you don’t need. Initiating a recycling program will keep unnecessary waste from piling up in landfills, and promoting your sustainability efforts will draw customers to your business.

Install high volume, low speed fans

Installing HVLS fans in your warehouse can keep the AC turned off even during the hottest summer days. The integrated control system uses massive fans with a 24 foot diameter to move large volumes of air while maintaining low speeds. The fans can reduce cooling bills between 12% and 50% since they draw on less electricity.

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