Pallet Dispenser

How to Use a Pallet Dispenser

A pallet dispenser is a simple, cost-effective machine which stacks pallets vertically and then dispenses them at ground level or on conveyor belts. The machines are easy to operate and reduce the risk of employee injuries. Incorporating pallet dispensers into warehouse operations lengthens the lifespan of pallets and increases productivity.

Almost all dispensers can work with wood, plastic, and CHEP pallets and can be customized to fit a range of sizes. Choose from manual or auto-loading dispensers based on your warehouse’s budget and size.

To stack pallets manually, use a pallet jack or forklift to insert pallets one-by-one. As each pallet is fed into the machine, it will lift the stack up to allow for another pallet to be inserted. When you’re ready to dispense the pallets, adjust the controls to allow you to pull out each pallet while the machine holds the remaining ones. You can also remove all of the pallets at once. Most machines hold 15-20 pallets.

More sophisticated machinery uses a conveyor belt to load and dispense the pallets.  This requires an operator at the controls instead of an employee on the ground. A pallet truck or a conveyor feeds a stack of pallets into an auto-loading machine. These pallets are stacked onto a forklift and can be dispersed by placing each pallet onto a conveyor belt and moving it to another location. Some automatic pallet dispensers can cycle through 360 pallets an hour—or roughly six per minute.

Load transfer stations use an automatic pallet dispenser to separate and dispense pallets. Advanced robotics can move boxes down conveyor belts, place the boxes onto the pallets, and prepare them for shipping. They can integrate with existing systems and provide a significant ROI if your warehouse moves large amounts of inventory.

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Pallet dispensers require high-performance forklifts like those from our Linde and Baoli product lines. Contact one of our authorized dealerships for more information today.