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Tips for Equipment Theft Protection

Buying fully operated capital equipment is more than a large purchase; it is an investment. This is the exact reason why companies need to make sure that using all possible resources to monitor this equipment to avoid the possibility of theft. In spite of companies increasing security; there has been a rise in equipment theft throughout the United States, with forklifts being of high interest. No company is exempt from facing theft; however, there are measures your company can take to upgrade your current security system and decrease the chances of your equipment being stolen from your site.

Registering Your Equipment

Registering your equipment is a very crucial step to ensuring that your inventory will be returned to the correct owner if it were ever stolen. There are different databases that allow you to register the VIN numbers of equipment pieces. This is very beneficial for two reasons; the police can track down your items if they were ever stolen, this allows you to maintain a standard inventory process of all your equipment that the administration and operators can adapt and continue. 

Fleet Tracking Technologies

It may be in the best interest of your company to invest in machines that come equipped with telematics systems incorporated into the machines. These tracking properties allow operators to track the location of the equipment, and get a sense of who, when, where and where the equipment is being used within the facility. Some telematics systems also include a GPS fencing technology that allows the owner to set boundaries as to how to far the piece of equipment can travel and notifies you if the equipment leaves pasts the geofences. This fully equipped monitoring system relieve the worries of many companies.

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The Importance of Recording Equipment

Security cameras should always be kept up to date at companies at all times. Proper recording equipment is just as important as the first two tips. If your property were to be stolen or vandalized, security cameras set at the correct locations and angles throughout the site would help to better assist in rescuing your properties and identifying those responsible for the theft and damages. Security cameras should always be kept up to date at companies.

Maintaining Security Around the Perimeters of Your Site

The security cameras are helpful to catch the potential thieves, but locks and proper fencing will dissuade vandals from even entering your site because itโ€™s too much of a hassle. Conversely, broken fences, and unlocked locks are the perfect way to tell criminals to enter your site and steal your property. The best type of security to have on the outside of your building or site include; chain-link fences or gate, no trespassing signs, a possible security service, and badge only access after a certain time of the day.

Equipment theft can cause a lot of worry and frustration because of how much companies rely on their machinery to optimize their productivity. Taking the proper steps with these tips will help minimize the potentials of theft and vandalism to your company site.